Did Ford Just Hint the 2018 Mustang Will Have 455 HP?


Ford Product Communications manager for North America, Mike Levine tweeted out another image from the 2018 Mustang’s new digital gauge cluster, this time challenging fans to find the hidden Easter Eggs.


1964.5 miles on the odometer is a nod back to the original Mustang, with the first cars to reach dealerships affectionately thought of as 1964.5 model; 289 miles to empty refers to the 289 cubic inch V8 available in the first generation Mustang GT.

More cryptically, 55 mph in 4th gear could be hinting the reworked 5.0 will kick out 455 hp, if true it’s a 20 hp over the 2017 Mustang. However, if you consider the tachometer’s 4,700 rpm reading, it could mean 455 lb.-ft of torque at 4,700 rpm. Or yet, even more far fetched, it could mean 470 hp and 455 lb.ft.

We’ll know soon enough, what do you think?