New Mustang GT4 Takes Pole at Daytona


The brand new Ford Mustang GT4 will start 1-2 for today’s BMW Endurance Challenge at Daytona Motor Speedway in Florida. 

Dean Martin in the No.59 KohR Motorsports Mustang beat out Scott Maxwell in Multimatic’s No.15 factory backed car by just 0.034 seconds. Martin’s time of 1:55.754 broke an existing class record at Daytona, the record was set in 2014 by Multimatic’s other driver, Jade Buford.

Martin’s pole position comes as a surprise to both team and driver. KohR didn’t actually receive their car until last week, and it had been kept in the garage for the majority of the week’s practice sessions as the team worked to sort out a vibration issue.

“I just started getting after it, waiting for my Continental Tires to come in,” Martin said. “I just found that sweet spot on the third or fourth lap. I had a good lap going and I just chucked it into the Bus Stop. I wasn’t sure I was going to come out the other side. I just carried a ton of speed, drafted up behind another car and got a really good pull from them and just popped out past and put down the time.”

“It was pretty exciting for a time out there,” Martin continued. “I had no idea what was going on until after I turned the laps and the guys told me ‘It’s you and then Maxwell, and he’s .02-seconds behind you,’ but I didn’t know which position I was in. We had some new car teething issues for the afternoon, but it all came together in qualifying.”