Ford Just Randomly Denied it Would Return to Formula 1…


Ford’s racing boss just randomly denied the American auto giant would make a return to the Formula 1 circus.

Dave Pericak, Global director of Ford Performance, cites the series’ huge costs as the prohibiting factor even though the current V6 turbo hybrid engine formula would seem to square with FoMoCo’s EcoBoost branding push.

“We’re not really looking at F1. I don’t see us getting into that any time soon.” Pericak told “Formula 1 is so expensive. If you look at every series we are in right now there is a relevance to all the goals and objectives we have, in developing our tools, technology and people and translating that into road cars. Every series that we’re in has an element of that.”

Ford hasn’t been seen in the F1 paddock since it supplied Jordan with Cosworth V10 engines for the 2003 and 2004 seasons. Despite that, Ford is still the second most successful engine manufacturer in Formula 1 history with 13 championships, Michael Schumacher’s controversial 1994 title being the most recent.

Pericak feels it’s not just costs that will keep Ford from Formula 1, but a lack of road relevant technology transfer the company gets from its efforts in GT racing, WRC and Rallycross.

“We use the track to test and improve our technologies, and bring it back into the road cars,” he said. “That’s working well, not just on the GT but other products as well.

“To be able to leverage that [racing] programme to polish the Ford oval and to communicate what Ford is about – our engineering prowess. It’s been really powerful.”

We could hear a different tune from Dearborn when the current engine regulations end in 2021, but don’t count on it.