Ford Uses the Mustang to Recreate a Fabulous French Film


The legend of Claude Lelouch’s “C’était un Rendez-Vous” grows with a modern remake 40 years after the original, now featuring the Ford Mustang.

The audacious 1976 cinéma vérité captured an absurdly high-speed Sunday drive through Paris at 5:30 AM in late August. Filmed from a front mounted camera on Lelouch’s Mercedes-Benz 450SEL 6.9, and later dubbed over with sounds from a Ferrari 275GTB, according to Lelouch the original Rendez-vous was “about the feeling of freedom and the pleasure driving generates.” Allegedly, he was thrown in jail after the film’s first screening in France.

Conceived by Ford’s global agency in partnership with Lelouch, “Re-Rendez-Vous” follows a similar route past the Arc de Triomphe, Sacré Cœur Basilica, and Montmarte; down the same roadways and through the same intersections, but lacks the visceral OH-MY-GOD of the original.

“Mustang is a symbol of the freedom and thrill of driving. Recreating Lelouch’s cult short film ‘C’etait un Rendez-Vous’ was the perfect way to capture this spirit for a new audience,” said Anthony Ireson, director, Marketing Communications, Ford of Europe.

Unfortunately for fans of the original, the remake is little more than a simulacrum, a watered down homage to freedom we place on a pedestal and never use for fear of losing it. “No laws or speedlimits were broken in the making of this film. The production was filmed with the full approval and cooperation of French local authorities.”

The new 5.0-liter V8 soundtrack sounds good though. “Re-Rendez-Vous” will first air online and offers 360 degree viewing capability.