The Mustang is Going Supercar Racing!


Fans of Australia’s rollicking V8 Supercars will be grinning from ear to ear today after Ford has helped shore up the series’ future.

Ford favorite and Prodrive Racing hotshoe, Mark Winterbottom, has just confirmed the venerable American muscle car will make its series debut next year, complete with a big bruising V8 engine.

“The plan is to be in a Mustang,’’ Winterbottom told Australia’s Daily Telegraph.

“It is a along way of being approved but it is being worked on in the factory right now. We are planning on being in a Mustang next year. That is what we want to be in and that is what the public want us to be in.’’

There were fears that series could transition to a V6 twin-turbo format after Ford and long time rival Holden announced the death of the Falcon and Commodore sedans–respectively–that had underpinned the series since, like, forever.

“I want to see the V8 live on,’’ Winterbottom said.

“I think from a Ford point of few it will be V8s for us. That is what we are working towards. I love the sound of the V8 and that is what attracted me to the sport. This sport is about sound and noise and nothing sounds as good as a big V8. The sport may change but for us it will be a V8.’’

Winterbottom also urged Holden and Nissan to make a switch to” hero” cars, calling on Holden to adopt Chevrolet’s Camaro for Supercar duty and for Nissan to swap its Altima for the GTR in order to inject a bit more sex appeal on track as both of Australia’s favorite sedans are put out to pasture.

“It is a bit sad for me because it is the only car I have ever driven. I have been in V8s for 12 years and I have only driven a Falcon, so it is an end of an era. I certainly have a big affection for the Falcon but the motor industry has changed and it is almost time to move on.

“But the move to the Mustang would make the transition easier for me. We will be seeing one legend off and introducing another one.’’