It’s All Fun and Games Until Someone Smashes Into a Wall…


This is great. Not great like it’s great when people have car crashes, but great as in thank God people keep doing this stuff.

The Mustang meme began in earnest last summer when a seemingly coincidental series of crashes captured on camera kicked off a wave of similar videos, all featuring late-model Mustangs hitting things, or almost hitting things or people, or walls, or whatever.


Was this something always happening that people had only just begun capturing on camera; or far more nefariously, have these incidents begun increasing, almost as if on purpose, in some kind of bizarre kamikaze conniption for the sake of internet fame?

Take this most recent example, two Mustangs leaving the Scottsdale Pavillions Car Show, the alleged teenagers get a little tail happy making an alleged left turn.

Well, it’s all fun and games until someone smashes into a wall.

What is it, the cameras, the I want to be cool factor? Are they trying to make up for owning a V6, or did they do it to be noticed at one of America’s longest-standing Saturday night car meets, one ‘successfully’ spinning out the other, well, not?

It’s almost like the more the internet makes fun of Mustangs the more the behavior becomes normalized, some kind of playbook for the dumb and the desperate. Or maybe it’s really some sort of guerilla marketing conspiracy by Global Team Blue…