Ford GT Victim of BoP Penalties Ahead of Le Mans


Ford has been smacked with a weight increase and a power reduction ahead of next month’s 24 Hours of Le Mans. 

According to new Balance of Performance tables effective for the Le Mans Test Day on June 4, the Fords will participate with 20kg of weight ballast added and neutered turbo boost pressures across the entire power band compared to last year, along with a 3-liter reduction in fuel capacity.

While the GT has been adjusted downwards, the Ferrari 488–which rivaled the Fords fiercely last year–returns to Le Mans without adjustments to power or weight. The only change to the Scuderia is a 2-liter reduction in fuel capacity.

Like last year, the FIA can make further BoP adjustments prior to the race on June 17-18, which means there could be changes post testing and potentially even after qualifying.