Ze Germans Built a Hellcat Hunting Horse…


As a consequence of the Mustang’s new status as an international jet-setter, tuning shops across the globe now get to play with America’s most beloved pony car. 

Europeans, in particular, have developed a full-blown love affair with the world’s most popular sports car–take Germany’s Schropp Tuning for example.

The aftermarket shop’s SF600 package takes a 5.0-liter Mustang GT and crowns the V8 with a supercharger good for 600 horsepower, before massaging the ECU to deal with the new found boost.

But that’s kinda boring.


What you really want is the SF600R conversion which almost doubles the 5.0’s stock power output thanks to a few major internal upgrades, a big supercharger and slick suspension work which “guarantee major league supercar performance.”

Schropp takes a new Coyote block and slips in a steel billet crankshaft, stronger connecting rods, high flow oil pump, high-end cylinder liners, race grade pistons, plus a few other internal tweaks. There’s also a custom exhaust system with free flowing sport catalytic converters, and 76-mm diameter pipes.


In total, the shop claims the package is good for 807 hp and 700 pound-feet of twist. Helping to put the power down is a new propshaft and halfshafts, plus new KW V3 coilovers, and a carbon fiber front tower brace. Oddly, upgraded cross-drilled and slotted StopTech high-performance brakes are made optional.

Visually, the SF600R gets black 21-inch wheels wrapped in 255/30R21 and 285/30R21 rubber, plus 15mm spacers in the front, along with a CF front splitter and obligatory GT wing. WRAPworks provides the white, green and gray livery.

Inside they simply bolted on an Alcantara-covered steering wheel lifted from the Shelby GT350R.