Mustang Feature Cars
Agustin and Rob Hernandez "GTRex"
Achievements in life take many forms, for Agustin Hernandez one of them was perfection when he was talking about his 2000 GT. For over 5 years, he spent countless amounts of time and money building his dream Mustang.
Mike Corneau's Turbocharged 5.0L Fox Mustang FOX
When Mike takes this little animal to the track, he simply removes the front license plate, hooks up a parachute to the rear, bolts on his slicks and proceeds to tear up the track and destroy the competition.
Bryan Roberts 2005 Red Mustang
Red is synonym for Xmass, and as a present to all our readers we feature this nice looking 2005 Mustang...with plenty of mods already!!!
Sean Hyland's 2003 Targa Mustang
Ever dream of driving a ground-pounding, corner-carving, attention-grabbing mustang specifically designed to handle whatever the street has to throw at it? Sean Hyland doesn't have to dream. His 2003 Mustang GT fits that bill quite nicely, combining handsome good looks with hairpin handling performance and street manners.
Mel Gregory’s 1986 Mellow Yellow 351 V8 Mustang
After just one pass down the track, you can easily see why for the last three year's straight, Mel's Mellow Mustang has laid claim to being the "Fastest Street Mustang" in his home province of Newfoundland, Canada.
Drew's 1995 GT
If you ever wanted a dream car we bet it will be something like Drew's 95 Mustang. His car stands out even among exotic imports from Italy or Germany, and we bet it can leave most of them behind.
Eric Cheney’s Xtreme Mustang Performance Mach 1 Mustang!
Eric Cheney of XMP (Xtreme Mustang Performance) had a little less than 6 weeks to put together this 2003 Mach 1 for the 2003 SEMA Show, which is a display of new products and vehicles for the upcoming year.
Matt Collins KB Screwed SN95 Mustang
This nicely moded red convertible is far from ordinary, the beautiful red paint and the aggressive looks of the Cervini body pieces are sure to scare a good bunch of imports and GMs.
Eric's 1968 Protouring Mustang
When the Mustang "passion" hit this Mustang owner, it hit hard. He thought it was trash at first, but several years of dedication yielded impressive results.
Ron & Diane Arrigoni's 1965 Mustang
If you ever wondered how the Ford Mustang became such a huge american icon or why it is one of the most sought after classics of all time, take a few minutes and check out ...
Mike Tracy's 1990 Mustang Supercharged 377ci Convertible
The words spectacular, totally awesome & brutally fast hardly begin to describe Mike Tracey's masterpiece. From the show quality paint and custom white interior, to the chrome and ...
Steve (G. S.) Johnson's 1970 Boss 302 Mustang
The 69/70 Boss 302's were born and bred racing machines known for brute force and hard fast acceleration. Car and Driver proclaimed the Boss 302 "the best handling Ford ever ...
Alfred Speake's 1998 California Highway Patrol Saleen Mustang
Who would believe this super sleek Saleen actually pulls double duty as a California Highway Patrol Car. When not cruising the streets and highways of California, this stang serves time ...
Randy Schauwecker's 1990 Mustang GT Hatchback
Where Mustangs are plentiful, it takes one sharp looking stallion to stand out from the herd . Randy Schauwecker's 5.0 is one of those few ! Randy first saw his stang for sale on a ...
David Ellis's 1965 Cobra Roadster Replica ALL
Building his own hot rod has always been David's dream. Finding a reasonably priced, well designed and constructed quality kit to start with was the problem.
Bob and Nina Erickson's 1968 Ford Mustang Shelby GT 350
Now this is a GT 350 Shelby Mustang with some really neat history behind it ! This is one of only 1253 Shelby Fastback GT 350's produced in 1968.
Brett Viestenz's 1999 GT Mustang Saleen Speedster Replica
You have to agree, this is one sweet looking set of wheels ! Brett purchased his GT Mustang Convertible new in July of 1999 and hasn't looked back. While Brett insisted I reference his...
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