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AFM Tech : EEC Tech
Build a EEC IV Code Scanner FOX
Whenever you encounter errors in your EEC IV PCM there are 2 ways to test it, one using the "clip" approach, and the other one using a code scanner. We will show you how to save some bucks and create your own home-made scanner. Most of the required materials can be bought at your local Radio Shack.
Decoding PRO-M Calibration sheets FOX SN95
Guide for decoding your PROM Maf sheet, handy for insterting into EECTuner and other PCM chips.
ECC-Tuner Installation FOX SN95
How to installation article for your EEC-Tuner. Complete with pictures.
EEC Diagnostics Code Tests SN95
Perform your EEC IV code tests at home. Complete code guide.
EEC IV Technical documentation FOX SN95
A most read guide to the inner workings of the EEC IV PCM.
Frequently asked questions about the EECTuner pcm programming board.
EECTuner Cable Pinouts FOX SN95
Complete pin out description of the EECtuner board
How Fuel pressure affects injector flow rate FOX SN95
Handy information of fuel pressure vs flow rate
How to build a MAF table FOX SN95  pop
The way the ford EEC series processors determine the amount of fuel and calculate load values is by measuring the amount of air that is flowing into the engine via the Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor.
MAF curve fitting and load calculations FOX SN95
Handy tool to correlate MAF flow vs Load
MAF theory and facts FOX SN95
Here are some facts and information to help you better understand the use and function of the MAF system.