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AFM Tech : Electronics and Ignition
130 Amp 3G Alternator Install FOX
Ford did a magnificent job on the 87-93 Mustangs. There were however a few small areas that need to be addressed to keep the car the best it can be. One of the areas of weakness that needs to be addressed is the electrical system.
Advance Your Timing for Performance ! FOX SN95
Advancing your timing is a tuning trick that can help free up some extra horsepower.
Fog light switch rewire SN95
Lights off Fogs on !
Foglight switch rewire FOX
For those that are having the headlights shutting down,melting switch or no fog light at all!
Fuel Pump cut off switch SN95
Keep your Mustang safe from thieves!
HiCrane6 Installation FOX SN95
Install a HiCrane6 in your Mustang
Install a ShiftLite in your gauge cluster FOX SN95
Keep an eye on those shifts !
Loosing your Modular Mustang keys SN95
If you lost your 96 to present Mustang Keys you can be in trouble. Here's what you should do.
Optima Battery Upgrade ALL
Why should you want to upgrade the battery in your Mustang? It seems to work "ok" and it's only a couple of years old! Well things are not always what they seem.
Spark Plugs ALL
Ins and outs on how spark plugs work, how are they manufactured and whats your best choice.
Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) Tuning FOX
Sitting on top of your throttle body there is a sensor that relays to the computer the exact opening position of the throttle butterfly.
TPS Adjusting for performance FOX
Adjust your Throttle Position Sensor to improve throttle response.