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Steve (G. S.) Johnson's 1970 Boss 302 Mustang
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One Fast and Furious Boss 302         

The 69/70 Boss 302's were born and bred racing machines known for brute force and hard fast acceleration.

Car and Driver proclaimed the Boss 302 "the best handling Ford ever. . . It's what the Shelby GT's should have been but weren't."

0 to 60 in 6.9 seconds,1/4 mile in 14.85 seconds at 96.14 mph, stated 290 bhp with actual output estimated as high as 400 bhp.

This was Ford's big head, small block solution for Trans Am racing. To qualify, it had to be built for the street and hence the Boss 302 Mustang was born. In Trans Am tune, the Boss 302 carried Ford to the 1969/70  Trans AM Championships.

Small wonder this Boss 302 Mustang is Steve's  most prized possession and lifelong obsession. 
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302 4 bolt main block with screw in freeze plugs
TRW forged pistons - 10.5 to 1
Large valve Cleveland style heads
Wide ratio top loader 4 speed
Hurst competition shifter
Rear swaybar
Rolled front fenders
Reinforced shock towers
Special graphics package (only available in 1970)
Steel crank and connecting rods
Windage tray
Dual point Distributor
Rev Limiter
9" rearend with 3.91 traction lock
Steve's detailed off chassis restoration project began when he purchased what was one very tired and worn out Boss 302, in the fall of 1989. Immediately after acquiring this 100% original, right down to the paint rust free Boss 302, little time was wasted getting to work. Steve brought the car home on a Friday and had it completely torn apart by the next day. After driving it home to his garage that Friday, it would be another twelve years before he would drive it again. To learn more about Steve's restoration project, in his own words click here.  To pass along your comments to Steve, please send your email to G.S.Johnson.

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