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Randy Schauwecker's 1990 Mustang GT Hatchback
AllFordMustangs Featured Car: Featured Car for June 2001
Where Mustangs are plentiful, it takes one sharp looking stallion to stand out from the herd. Randy Schauwecker's 5.0 is one of those few !

Randy first saw his stang for sale on a nearby Texaco lot. It did not take Randy very long to realize he had to have her. The next day she was sitting in his driveway.

Now this is where the story really begins.
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In the year since his purchase, Randy has been busy making some serious hi-performance upgrades and modifications.
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From what was basically a 100% stock mustang, Randy has built himself one super quick Mustang GT as his daily driver. With some very careful plannng and a steady infusion of cash, Randy has already completed a long and impressive list of modifications which include:

          Trick Flow Upper and Lower Intake
          Motorsport 65mm Throttle Body
          Motorsport E303 Camshaft with Crane 1.6 Roller Rockers
          24lb Fuel Injectors
          Cobra 70mm Mass Air and Cobra EEC IV Engine Management System
          Crane HI-6 Ignition with the Crane PS 91 Coil
          155 LPH Fuel Pump
          BBK 1 5/8 Equal Length Shorty Headers  with Borla Catalytics Back High Flow Exhaust
          Black Magic Electric Fan
          Steeda Caster/Camber Plates
          Eibach Progressive Springs with KYB Struts and Shocks
          BBK Rear Upper and Lower Control Arms
          Rear Disk Brakes
          245x45x17 Nitto ZR Tires all around on 1993 Chrome Cobra Wheels

His current project is giving his stang's interior a custom makeover which includes a top of the line killer sound system. What's next on his list of planned upgrades ? Would you believe a 320 hp crate motor which will then be stroked and blown to 347 cubic inches. Sound like fun, . . you bet ! 

As you can probably tell by now, Randy has been around cars for a long time. His first Mustang was a 1968 302 4 speed Mustang Fastback. He later purchased a 1986 Mustang Convertible GT 5.0 5 speed and then a 1993 Mustang 5.0 5 speed LX.  Fair to say, he knows his way around Mustangs.
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Photographs and Editorial by Scott Halliday
Randy is convinced, this one is the keeper, and according to him, even his ex-wife will back him up on that !  So where does this story really end ? Its really quite simple, . . . As Randy sees it, by the time he's finished the only way a bowtie could even hope to catch him, is if he runs out of gas. How's that for a mission statement !   

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