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PRO 5.0 Shifter Install


This article is to help you install your Pro-50 Shifter.


  • First remove the factory shift knob, by unscrewing it from the stick. It may be hard, but it does come off easy once it's loose.
  • Now "pop off" the plastic cover that covers the shifter area. It's the all black plastic piece. The easiest way is to put your thumbs on the inside area and lift it up with your thumbs on both sides (like removing a helmet). Careful not to break the plastic snap in the very front of it. Lift the back first, then lift back and up on it. The leather "stick boot" will come off with this. There is a rubber grommet that needs to be slipped off the stick. Also disconnect the lighter power cable clip
  • Next remove the two bolts that hold on the stock shifter stick. Notice the rubber bushings. These allow the stock stick about a 1/2 inch of slop during shifting ! The new shifter does not have this. The stock rubber bushings are there to absorb vibration, without them you can shift more positively, but you will notice slightly more vibration in the stick when you hold it at higher rpm's.
  • Next you can remove the 4 bolts that hold the main rubber shift boot down to the chassis.
  • Careful, remove the rubber boot without ripping! Loosen it up by lifting up in all areas a bit before removing it completely. It really "sticks". After you remove it you will see your shifter mechanism
  • Next you need to remove the 4 bolts that hold the shift mechanism onto the transmission.
  • Next  remove the stock shifter from the transmission.
  • You'll need to clean the old RTV silicone sealer from the transmission.  Make sure none of it falls into the trans shift area.
  • Take the main shift boot and cut out the center portion with a sharp blade. This way we can seal it against the lower portion of the new shifter and it will fit no problem.
  • Apply a new bead of high temp silicone sealer. Apply on all the edges, then around the bolt hole areas for the best seal.
  • Now place the new shifter carefully into place. MAKE SURE you put the shifter ball into the socket. Then you can tighten down the bolts. Make them snug. Don't over tighten them.
  • Next remove the stick portion of the new shifter to make installation of the rubber boot easier. Take note of it's orientation before removing. Also move the stop bolts as far in as they could go to make it easier for us to install the rubber shift boot.
  • Now place the main shifter boot back in place and bolt it down. Make sure you fully seated the rubber boot (and it's gasket) properly. Then tighten down the 4 bolts. Don't pull the rubber over the shifter yet !
  • After you have fully tightened the 4 main rubber shift boot screws, then you can stretch the rubber over the new shifter and down past the gold base. Sealing it properly. You can now replace the stick and secure it with the 2 hex bolts and lock washers.
  • Next step is to set the stop bolts. These bolts are to allow full stick travel. Put it into 2nd gear and hold. Then screw the stop bolt against the shifter stick. Now back it off one turn or .010 gap from the stick. You can use a feeler gauge to check the gap. You don't need to split atoms here, just get it close.
  • Now put it into 1st gear and hold. Gap the bolt the same as the other bolt (.010). Now check all the gear positions, make sure the stop bolts allow full travel of the stick and that the stick does not hit the stop bolts. When you are all set you can tighten the outer lock nuts to secure the bolts in place.
  • Now just re-connect the lighter power cable and pop your cover back in. Put the boot over the new stick and thread the knob back on (it uses the same threads as the stock stick).

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