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Drew's 1995 GT
Drew's 1995 Mustang
The car of your dreams

What would you do to your Mustang if you had a nice thick wallet?
I doubt it will look anything like Drew's 1995 Mustang, this car has not only big money on parts, it has dedication and loads of good taste into it.
This car is nothing short of amazing thanks to complete attention to the smallest detail. The amount of creativity behind the gorgeous metal makes this Pony stand out above the crowds. Put this beauty beside any Italian or German import and people wont even notice them.
Drew has created a dream, thanks to hard labor and a very creative mind. Besides de good looks, this baby has the power and hardware to backup it's looks.

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   It took 3 years to assemble this beast, custom fabrication is everywhere, the metal was reshaped by Pro-Fit, the front and rear bumpers were custom made to resemble the FR500 pieces. The wheels are Dronell Type II and were manufactured to Drew's specs directly from Japan. Once the engine is fully broken-in, Drew will be replacing the stock EEC-IV computer and custom chip and going full standalone EFI using an AEM (expecting 650-700rwhp).
Coast High Performance 377 (6.2L) Windsor Stroker shortblock
Probe custom 8.5:1 forged aluminum pistons
TFS TW Stage III ported heads
Crower custom hydraulic roller cam
Probe 1.6 roller rockers
Extrude honed and ported GT40 lower intake
ADF sheetmetal upper intake (modified Cartech)
Accufab 75mm throttle body
Pro-M 3.5" Univer MAF
Probe main girdle
Pro Mustang 7qt oil pan
Cobra R headers
Bassani X-pipe with cats
Spintech exhaust
Chicane vacuum lock
Pi-Thon compression fittings

Power Adder
Procharger D1SC at 18 psi
Custom Spearco intercooler (24" x 13" x 3.5" core)
Procharger race blowoff valve
Mike's Mustangs 8-rib pulley setup
Pro-Fit custom 3" and 3.5" cermakrome tubing
Griggs Racing tubular K-member (painted)
Griggs Racing tubular front control arms (painted)
Griggs Racing bumpsteer kit
Maximum Motorsports front coilover kit
Maximum Motorsports camber plates (chromed)
Maximum Motorsports adjustable rear LCA's
Maximum Motorsports front swaybar relocation kit
Koni Sport Yellow SA struts and DA shocks

AODE rebuilt to race specs by Tony Soler of Ford West
Art Carr internals
Art Carr shift kit
Precision Industries Stallion torque converter
Ford Racing aluminum driveshaft
3.55 rear gears

Body and Interior
Custom prototype FR500-style front and rear bumpers
Custom modified Cobra R hood
Custom box flares on fenders and quarterpanels
Wings West side skirts and side scoops
Saleen S351 rear wing
Jamex racing seats
Schroth 3-point harness
Autometer Ultralite gauges


"The Startup"
After nearly three years of fabrication and assembly work, the Mustang is fired up for the first time. Please pardon the "colorful" language (we were very happy).
"Drew vs Jeff"
Drew's Project Mustang and Jeff's Saleen S281 "accelerating" from a stoplight.
"The Photoshoot"
Behind the scenes at the latest Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords Magazine photoshoot. Shot on location in Elysian Park, Southern California.
"Warm Up Revs"
Getting the Mustang ready for the dyno runs.
"Dyno Runs"
Dialing-in a nice conservative street tune on the Mustang.

3 years of hard work was the time needed to get this car to its current state, but without those creative minds behind the buildup, this dream car might never seen the light. The car is so amazingly beautiful it has its share of coverage by several Mustang Magazines:

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