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Clutch trouble diagnosis

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Clutch Trouble Diagnosis

The following information is provided to assist you in recognition of the problem based on your clutch performance symptoms, correct diagnostics eliminates solving problem(s) that you may or may not have


Clutch Noise:

1. Throwout or pilot bearing dry

2. Throwout or pilot bearing worn out

3. Transmission out of alignment, causing main drive gear bearing or bushing to be misaligned with pilot bearing

4. Grinding noise --- worn throwout bearing

5. Throwout bearing riding release levers

6. Centrifugal type levers contact throwout bearing s they move back

7. Click or rattle -- uneven lever adjustment

8. Release lever tips burned or worn

9. Broken bolts or yokes

10. Throwout bearing cocked on sleeve

11. Release levers out of plane

12. Excessive crankshaft end play

13. Flywheel housing misaligned

14. Worn main drive gear splines

15. Worn clutch hub springs broken, weak or worn

18. Dry or worn throwout bearing sleeve

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