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David Ellis's 1965 Cobra Roadster Replica
AllFordMustangs Featured Car: May 2001
David with his 1965 Cobra.  Click to Enlarge
Don't ever try to tell David Ellis
"Dreams Don't Come True"
because he is driving his !

Building his own hot rod has always been David's dream. Finding a reasonably priced, well designed and constructed quality kit to start with was the problem. It was not until David discovered Factory Five' s 1965 Cobra Roadster kit did he realize he had found his perfect project car. 

Factory Five's kit has the classic good looks, light weight body & structural chassis strength of the original Cobra roadster and combines it with today's hottest performance technology, our Late Model 5.0 Mustang ! 
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What makes the Factory Five kit so unique is that it uses the 5.0 Mustang as it's only donor car to supply all of the parts right down to the complete drivetrain, mechanical, electrical, gauges, cooling, steering, brakes, wheels and suspension components.

As David points out, his car is basically a 5.0 high performance Mustang mounted to a well constructed chassis & wrapped in a lightweight classic design, the Cobra Roadster.

The results are impressive !  Imagine your mustang with a total vehicle weight of 1985 lbs, a curb weight of just 2145 lbs, a weight distribution factor of 48.2/51.8% (front/rear) and a solid high quality, well constructed chassis to strap your horsepower to.  David best describes it in his own words:

"Larry Lessie, a San Diegan (Encinitas) gave me a ride in his Cobra in late 1998.  I was impressed by the big smile on his face, and by the rock-solid feeling of the car on the road.  No cowl shake, no rattles, just smooth G-forces building on my body.  I ordered my car as soon as Factory Five opened that Monday."

Within no time, David purchased a damaged 5.0 Mustang and his project was under way.  
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David's Late Model Mustang/Vintage Cobra Roadster is currently 100% stock, right down to the 4 bolt Mustang wheels. Not wanting to change the character of his car, David is hesitate in making any modifications since it is already such a sweet running reliable machine.  However a set of GT40P heads, 24 lb injectors, 65 MM throttle body, Motorsport Mass Air, Cobra intakes, 1.6 roller rockers, 155 lph pump, adjustable regulator, fuel pressure gauge, E303 cam and a new roller timing chain, is not out of the question.

As David has come to learn, people love the Cobra Roadster for its looks, power, and history.  The Cobra is the only American car to beat the world in international racing.  In 1965 Shelby beat Ferrari for the international championship.  This was done with a special version of the Cobra, that was created to solve aerodynamic problems. Peter Brock designed a coupe to fit on the Cobra chassis.  Five cars were built, and the championship was won.

Whether David's hot rod is more classic Cobra Roadster or more Late Model Ford Mustang, one thing is for sure, it is one hell of a sports car and a total blast to drive !
If you would like to pass along your comments or inquire further about his Factory Five Roadster, email David directly at
or visit the Factory Five's website at www.factoryfive.com.  V8 Mustangs will be posting a detailed feature on Factory Five's Cobra Roadster Kit Car in the upcoming months, so stay tuned and check it out.

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