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Bryan Roberts 2005 Red Mustang
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Bryan Roberts 05 Mustang

Bryan is 32 year old web based software business owner - with some time on his hands for toys, like his 05 Mustang and 04 V-Rod.

"Back as a teenager, I was involved with some muscle car building, hot rodding and street racing. After reaching a certain level of success, I wanted a muscle car and began looking at older 65-72 Chevys. After finding and falling in love with the 05 Stang, I purchased the Torch Red at the end of Oct 2004."

"I have been married for 11 years, to a great woman. I got luck, after 11 years she still ... umm takes care of me . Most men aren't so lucky. I also have 2 children, one 7 and 1/2 year old daughter and an 5 year old son. I have been very fortunate with my family to be happy. As for my business, I spent a few years with ZERO cash and made a few big sales to some nationwide companies and have been set since then."

Set he his, and as you will see in the following pictures, he also has great taste. This brand new 05 sports MANY mods, something many people will not dare to do, more so when Ford has been so picky with warranties and mods.

Bryan's first mod was to replace the stock wheels with a set of 18"x9" VR5S MB Motorsport Wheels with 114mm bolt pattern and 45mm offset. The tires are BFG g-Force T/A KDW in the front and back. The front sizes are 55/45R-18 (27" tall / 769 RPM) and the rear tires are 255/55R-18 (29" tall / 717 RPM).

To complement the nicer looks, Steeda Sport Springs (part: 555-8215) were installed, this kit lowers the front 3/4" and the rear 1 3/4". The advertised lowered height is up to 1".

In his own words Bryan tells us something about this particular mod: "Needless to say, I am very happy. By lowering the front and back, the car handles excellent. There is NO lean and I have take 90 deg corners at 50 MPH with out any lean nor push. The same is true at 80-90 on curved off ramps. The springs are firm (not stiff) yet still give a decent ride on the highway."

Bryan ordered the Springs and Motive Gears (part: 21103) on Nov-15-2004 and had them installed by Street Rod Concepts which specializes on hot rods and customs.

To improve things further, but more so in the SOUND department, he had a Magnapack Cat-Back system installed.

"First i had some Flowmaster 40's installed and decided to go with the MagnaPack Cat-Back system (part: 15883) instead. The sound is more mellow yet deeper sounding. It does not have the metal sound the Flowmaster does. The new system provided more torque than the Flowmasters. The best way to describe it is this: take the stock mufflers, add volume, bass and a nasty WOT and you have the Magnapacks."

But..the list is not over, Bryan decided to improve the POWER delivery of the stock 24 valve engine by installing a SCT Calibrator
The Programming was performed in Houston, TX. by Andre Terranova (aterranova@houston.rr.com). Dyno was a Mustang Dynamometer performed by Chuck at Horsepower Engineering in Houston, TX.

The SCT Tuner hold 4 flash programs, 1 for the stock that it downloads the first time you use it. Then 3 other slots you can have programmed any way you like. Now, a SCT tuner MUST do the initial programming him/her self. Once the program is completed, it is downloaded to the XCalibrator. At that point, you can flash your car with on the of the three. Now, you can also buy a smaller version of the programming software, called QuickTune (avail 12/3), that allows you (the end user) to make tweaks yourself, and update your own XCalibrator and Mustang.


"On the initial Dyno test on the 05 Mustang got 232 RWHP. We then used the default program from SCT with some minor tweaks to get 255 RWHP/266Ft-Lbs of Torque. We also switched for a Regular octane fuel to a Premium octane fuel. However, SCT provides tunes for both."

Main Items changed:

• More Power (+)

• Harder shift (+)
• Higher Shift Points (+)
• Remove Fuel Cut at Redline (+)
• 4.10 Gear Adjust (+)
• Increased Throttle Response (+)
• Increased Torque (+)

"The SCT tuning software has the ability to update Auto Tranny Pressures, etc. however, we did not change much. We could have also modified the injector settings and other fuel/air items as well as some other items I did not understand to well (too technical); but, we are taking it slow. We did adjust some of the timing settings between 4500-5200 RPMs for a gain of about 10HP. With the tune, even under light throttle it is much more responsive. Under half throttle or even wide open throttle, it screams. Mixed with the 4.10 gears and Magnapacks, it makes for a very exciting time."

Note: Cable and QuickTune 2005 should be ready by 12/3.

MPG Gains with 4.10 Gears:
With the new flash and my 4.10 gears I am able to get:

-- @ 65 MPH (~2200 RPM) at 24.5 MPG
-- @ 80 MPH (~2700 RPM) at 21.5 MPG
-- City AVG of 30 MPH at 16.5 MPG

All semi aggressive driving style - more so in town with about 1200 miles on the Stang as of 11/29.

Underdrive pulleys are always a good bet for low cost horsepower, this time Steeda went to the rescue with their new pieces.
Steeda Underdrive Pulley System (part: 555-3305). Per Steeda: "You can free up horsepower with this pulley set. A simple way to improve performance - easy installation!"

"I had the Steeda Underdrive Pulley System professionally installed by Street Rod Concepts. Here are some notes from the installer: The stock Ford harmonic balancer had holes but no threads, this made the removal a bit difficult. They were not able to use a standard pulley remover. Please be aware of this, that removing the harmonic balancer may be more difficult than normal under drive pulley sets."

"I could tell from the moment I press the accelerator that there was more torque available to me. I drove light footed until I reached the highway. Once I pulled on to the highway, I waited until about 30 MPH and press about 3/4 down on the throttle. I was able to light up the tires through first gear and then I left off a slight bit. The under drive pulleys free up some nice Stang power that should not disappoint anyone.

After putting a few miles on the car, I can now tell that in park and during acceleration, there is a noticeable 'rev' performance.

Between the MMR Annihilator and the under drive pulley set, I am very confident that at the next tune / dyno, I should have gained / freed an additional 15-20 HP. Time will tell ..."

Are we done yet? not at all, Mustangs love to BREATH without restrictions, a Modular Mustang Racing Annihilator Intake Kit (part: 900800), was installed next: "This is the finest intake kit you can buy for your 05’ GT, the MMR kit replaces the restrictive factory airbox, mass air sensor housing and panel filter with our high flow mass air sensor housing and washable element filter, adds 8-15RWHP and a smooth, deep growl for the new 3 valve V-8 engine (no noise increase at idle or cruise speeds.)"

Coming soon, you will be able to purchase a race version and a race version upgrade (for people that buy the current kit). This race version will include a heat shield and a smooth tube to the intake. It will be powder coated with Red and Silver coloring.

"I started by removing the stock airbox. I then removed and placed the mass air sensor from the stock air box to the new MMR kit. After that, you simply slide it on and tighten the clamps and rebolt the front of the air filter to the same mount that held the stock airbox. Install time took about 10 minutes."

"On the first crank, you can hear the new air filter working. The intake of air is more like the old days when you simply had a filter mounted on top of a carb. For now, I have not have time to verify any new power/torque ... but I will soon enough.

After taking the car out for a 'test drive', Here are the results. There is more intake flowing sound for sure. You can hear the air rushing into the intake manifold. This seems to produce a louder exhaust note, and some cracks and pops. As far as power is concerned, there seems to be a slight torque increase beginning at 3000 through 4000 RPM's. However, until I tune, I will not know of any performance gains. Overall, I am very happy with this product. The guys at MMR are fantastic. If you call, ask to speak to Mark Luton. "

Happy with the above mods (but surely into 100% done) was time to improve the interior and exterior looks with a Round A/C Knob Kit (part: 1003-05) and Billet Regular Style Door Pins (part: 1001-R-S-10/32).

The door locks are extremely easy to install. Do not over-tighten. If you do, the doors will look lock but actually not be locked. To install, start the lock on the thread, then lock the door. Then screw the new lock until it sets against the lock molding. Use some 'Loctite' RED to keep the locks in place from twisting - since they do not screw all the way down. The A/C Knobs are very easy to install. Simply pull and replace.

Bryan took the red Mustang to a local Paint and Body Shop named Damian Paint & Body in Clute, TX. The job at hand was to have the area between the left and right tail-lights painted black. "Overall, Damian's Paint & Body did an excellent job. The black is deep and have ZERO defects could not be happier."

Next Bryan will take the car for more Dyno tuning, the purpose will be to tune the car with the SCT Xcalibrator and accomplish:

-- Adjust for new MAF size. The new MAF is 85mm. The original MAF 79.5mm.
-- Adjust for 29lbs/hour Injectors
-- Lower Dyno weight to 3518 lbs
-- Adjust for tire size of 29" with 717 RPM@45mph
-- Lower Idle to 600 RPM
-- Shift 1 -> 2 @ 6200 RPM
-- Shift 2 -> 3 @ 6400 RPM
-- Shift 3 -> 4 @ 6000 RPM
-- Shift 4 -> 5 @ 5800 RPM
-- Set Redline to 6800 RPM

Is he over??? by all means...no...there are plenty of mods to be installed !!!

UPDATE : Bryan is taking his 05 to add some custom Stripes , these should be ready shortly and this article updated with new images and new dyno numbers.


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