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Mike Corneau's Turbocharged 5.0L Fox Mustang
AFM Feature Car: Mike Corneau’s 1992 Turbocharged 306ci V8 Mustang

Mike Corneau’s 1992 Turbocharged 306ci V8 Mustang

"The Small Block with a Big Punch"

For more than 10 years now Mike has been an avid Mustang enthusiast. Within that relatively short period of time he has managed to own over 40 different Foxbody and Late Model Mustangs, equipped with everything from 302, 347, and 351 cubic inch power plants to 4.6 liter modular muscle.

From wrenching to racing, Mike has managed to keep his hands both under the hood and on the wheel. Mike has clearly proven himself to be a true diehard Mustang fanatic.  

With plenty of racing experience under his belt, it was surprising to learn of Mike’s initial reaction when he first sat behind the wheel and experienced 1st hand, the full punch and brute force of the turbocharged 306 V8, as it pushed over 1,000 horse power to the rear wheels. With nothing more than a set of slicks bolted on, this little V8 hooks up at a mere 1.27 60 feet, delivering a best of 8.80 at 160mph in the ¼ mile. As Mike put it, “It’s like nothing I have ever experienced before. Nothing but pure raw power, right off the line”.

It’s even more surprising to learn this is Mike’s daily driver which he races in full street trim. When Mike takes this little animal to the track, he simply removes the front license plate, hooks up a parachute to the rear, bolts on his slicks and proceeds to tear up the track and destroy the competition. Even with track conditions limiting him to 160lbs of boast, Mike is happy with his numbers, especially considering he only has to fuel up to take his kids to McDonalds on the weekend.

Drive Train

  • 306 cubic inch A4 Block, (302 with 0.60 over bore)
  • Canton Oil Pan
  • Cola Crankshaft
  • H-Beam Connecting Rods
  • JE Pistons
  • Edelbrock Aluminum Heads with 2.02/1.60 Valves
  • Hogan’s Sheet Metal Intake
  • Ron Anderson Custom Camshaft
  • 83lb Fuel Injectors
  • Vortec Fuel Rails
  • 75mm Throttle Body
  • MSD 7AL with 3 Step Limiter
  • Griffin Aluminum Radiator
  • Electric Fan
  • Custom 91mm Tag Motorsport Single Turbo Manual Boast Controller
  • Accel Gen 6 DFI
  • Custom Built 3 Speed Lentech Automatic Transmission with Transbrake
  • Full Manual Reverse Pattern Transmission Valve Body
  • 9 inch Custom Built Torque Converter (withstands over 15 psi on line and 35 psi in ¼ mile
  • B&M Pro Ratchet Shifter
  • Aluminum Driveshaft
  • 8.8 Rear End with 3.27:1 Gears
  • Full Competition Spool
  • 33 Spline Side Axles
  • C-Clip Eliminators
  • Rear Main Girdle


  • D&D Front Coil Cover Struts
  • Tubular K-Member and A-Arms
  • HAL Adjustable Rear Coil Over Shocks
  • Custom Lower Control Arms
  • TAG Motorsport Custom Torque Arm and Pan Hard Bar

Body and Interior

  • Custom Fiberglass Cowl Hood
  • Metallic Grey Exterior Paint with Grey Interior
  • 8 Point Roll Cage
  • Race Bucket Seats
  • AutoMeter Gauges
  • Trunk Fuel Cell and Battery Relocation Kit
  • Body Weight of 3,150 lbs

Mike attributes much of his pony's exceptional power and success at the track to TAG Motorsport who are based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. TAG originally built the car, engine and turbocharger, and now continue to tune and work with Mike on making additional improvements. According to Mike, next on the list is a complete drive train transplant to a later model Mustang body style planned for later this year. With such a successful combination already in place, lets hope Mike's new late model reincarnation can do even better!

Article and Photos By Scott Halliday, AllFordMustangs.com

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