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Streetsmart Design Cold Air Kit Install
Streetsmart Design 2005-2006 Ford Mustang Cold Air Intake Kit Installation Article


Streetsmart Design

2005-2006 Ford Mustang Cold Air Kit

Quality and Performance makes this CAI kit, a PERFECT choice for your First Upgrade!

The new Ford Mustang, what a car!  On short supply from Ford, you waited patiently for its arrival.  But now you have had the car for a few months and that 300 horsepower is not feeling as extreme as it once did.  You certainly don’t think any less of the car; in fact you love it more then ever. You just want to experience that initial rush of excitement you felt before you got used to all those ponies thumping under your right foot. Trust us, we have all been there.

Now you want to make some performance upgrades.  But the question is what to do first.  Perhaps you are not the most mechanical, so you want not only the best bang for the buck, but something that is on the simpler side of installation.

As the title says, I consider this the perfect “first” performance upgrade.  Yeah, maybe you got the cat-back exhaust, but on the 2005-2006 Mustangs, it does little more then add a mean sound.  This project can be done in no more then 2 hours in your drive way with simple hand tools.  It is so simple, even someone who has little to no mechanical experience can feel comfortable tackling this job.  A great project to get your feet wet. It is reasonably priced and gives you a nice 10-12 horsepower bump.  Add in a Dyno Tune, and it will gain even more, but we will leave that for another article.

So, what Cold Air Intake to choose?  Wow, that is a tough decision for someone new to Mustangs.  So many kits are now out for this car. Being a Mustang enthusiast for nearly 20 years, the answer is simple for me.  And that is why I am writing this article. 

Enter StreetSmart Design. To be honest, most well designed kits will perform closely. But what sets StreetSmart Design apart from the rest of the market is not only performance but also the high quality of their kits. From the minute you open the box, you will understand what I mean.  No generic pieces here.  All are custom made, just for the application.  Carbon fiber filter box, form fitted “thick” rubber tube connections, nylon locking nuts, K&N filter, and well thought out instructions.  Wow! The quality of their kits is just unmatched.   And StreetSmart claims a 12hp bump in horsepower, and from my experience with the kit, I would say that is under rated.

Installing Streetsmart Design’s Cold Air Induction System:

The instructions included with this system are very well written and easy to follow.  It took me all of about 30 minutes to install.  Anyone can easily install this system with a couple of wrenches and a screw driver.  I have only highlighted the more significant points and the uniqueness of this install.

After removing the factory system from the inlet tube of the throttle body all the way down to and including the factory airbox and snorkel (if you still have yours). This system basically replaces the same components.

Step 1

Here is your basic factory setup.  Not only is this boring to look at, it's easy to see why the stock system is considered to be very restrictive.


Click to Enlarge

Step 2

Circled on the picture is the PCV valve tube that connects to the intake.  Simply pull up on the little latch and take it off..

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Step 3

Next unbolt the factory air box.  Yes, only one bolt holds it down.


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Step 4

Now, unplug the wire connector from the factory Mass Air Sensor.  Again, there is a clip to press for releasing it.

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Step 5

Next, unscrew the clamp holding the intake to the throttle body.  The entire assembly is now disconnected and can be removed from the car.  Remove the Mass Air Meter and sampling tube.  There are two screws holding it on.  Now toss the rest, as you won’t need anything else from the old system.

Click to Enlarge

Before removing the Mass Air Meter, note it's position in your engine compartment.  Is it sitting straight up or tilted to the front or back?  Be sure to put it on your new intake system, in about the same position.

The most sensitive item on the intake is the Mass Air Meter. Hhow it sits in the system can make a difference in how your car runs.  If you notice the car not running just right after install.  I recommend playing with the position of the meter by rotating it towards or away from the front of the car for best tuning.  Start with it as close to the factory position as you are able to determine.  Normally this is directly on the side, pointing towards the driver.

From this point forward, I recommend you take the new system over to the bench and assemble it there.  This will be much easier then putting it together piece by piece in the car. Once completed, take the complete assembly over to the car for installation.

Step 6

You will need to install this bracket to lower your Power Steering Reservoir and clear the new intake.  Very simple.

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Step 7

Now simply put the new assembled system into place and reattach everything in the reverse order.

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Step 8

Here is the complete StreetSmart Cold Air System installed and ready to roll.  


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In conclusion, let me say congratulations to Streetsmart Design for producing such a high quality, high performance cold air kit for the 2005 and 2006 Ford Mustang! It's not only a snap to install, it's affordably priced and as great as this kit looks, it performs even better. About the only thing left to say about Streetsmart's new cold air system is, ENJOY!


Streetsmart Design
54254 Ego Drive
Macomb, MI 48042 United States
(866) 773-5463
(866) SSD-LINE



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