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Agustin and Rob Hernandez "GTRex"

Dreams Never die

By Rob Hernandez

Achievements in life take many forms, for Agustin Hernandez one of them was perfection when he was talking about his 2000 GT. For over 5 years, he spent countless amounts of time and money building his dream Mustang. He called me almost every day, the main topic was always what he should do next, what he had done wrong, or what part was “hot”.

Just before he “finished it”, things went the wrong way, Agustin died of a massive brain stroke at age 58. He died happy, doing one of the things he loved the most, swimming at the open seas of Acapulco bay.

There are countless things that i could tell you about him, but i will only write about his endless passion for performance.

Since his early days as a young driver he was passionate about cars, he even took our dad's 65 2+2 and modified it with a huge assortment of performance parts. The car went from totally stock to speed demon without our dad knowing, supposedly it was only getting a new clutch, until the bill arrived..

Such passion continued throughout his life, he owned several brands of cars, even exotic ones such as Porsches, Jags, Mercedes, all of which ended up modified, but Mustangs were his true passion, and his 2K GT is a celebration of his life as a true mustang enthusiast.

The white pony got a Vortech SQ supercharger just a few weeks after Agustin got it brand new from a local Ford dealer in Mexico City. He drove 700 miles to San Antonio Tx. to have it installed by Mike Murillo's shop “Murillo Motorsports”.

Later the GT got a Bullitt intake and a set of ported heads, a Viper T56 6 speed transmission and a custom tuned chip by Vortech. For some time the GT got mostly minor modifications to improve the tuning and handling but eventually a pair of pistons broke due to a lean condition caused by a pair of defective injectors.

One of the problems of tuning a supercharged Mustang in Mexico is that there are no shops with the required expertise, so it is a trial and error process. Since tuning is the most important side of force induction, extreme caution has to be taken when raising boost levels.

Agustin decided it was time to fix the GT but also get more radical. He ordered a brand new short block from DSS, all forged internals and low compression pistons. But that was not all, we installed a new F-1 ATI Procharger, race 3 core air to air intercooler, Aeromotive fuel rails, -8 fuel lines, 60 pound injectors, twin 2003 Cobra fuel pumps, and an Xcalibrator to keep the EEC V in sync with all the new parts. After the dyno tune the GT responded with 470 rwhp and 486lb of torque.

To stop the beast, massive 6 piston Willwood calipers and sloted-vented rotors were installed together with a 4 point roll cage for increased safety and rigidity. An assortment of gauges tell the driver how things are inside the 5.0 modular stroker, of which the most important are the exhaust gas temperature and wide band air fuel ratio monitor.

After all these additions our opinion was that there was still some power to be found, the F-1 Procharger should make more power, so a few months later a new Foxlake P51 intake was installed and more time was spent on the dyno, the result 515 RHWP and 489lbs of torque, still lower than expected.

There were some problems to be solved, exhaust gas temperatures were on the high side under load and the air fuel ratio was still not the best for performance or reliability.

At the same time a 2003 SVT Cobra Hood was installed to allow the massive P-51 Foxlake intake to fit under the hood, a Cobra facia was also added to improve air flow to the intercooler, radiator and oil cooler.

Mike Levesque of J&M Motorsports, located in Manchester, Connecticut performed all the EEC V wizardry using SCT's Xcalibrator. Mike flew all the way from CT. to Mexico City to perform his tricks. The dyno time was provided by Alex Troconis, an experienced ex-race crew chief of many popular Mexican race teams. The new tune improved air fuel ratio and advanced timing a couple of degrees to reduce combustion chamber temperatures, and we were rewarded with 625 RWHP and 502 lbs of torque. A month after, the inevitable happened and Agustin departed this earth.

Agustin's car was built to perform a function, it is not a show car, almost every part that went into it, is there for a good reason. But when you see the whole picture you see something beautiful, simple and practical, and that is the spirit of the Mustang, it's not the nicest or fastest machine on 4 wheels, but as a whole, only few others can beat it's heritage.

The GT now belongs to me, the only other “stanger” and Mustang crazy member of our family.

My close friends tell me to keep the GT as it is, not to change a thing, but i think otherwise, my brother was in a never ending quest, and that is exactly what i intend to do, improve things further with the same mind set he had; performance & perfection.

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