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DIY Aluminum inner fender sill plates


This do it yourself article describes one detailing option that might cost you as little as $10 and just a bit of patience and a few simple tools. Detailing the engine bay is one of the things we almost never do, we care more for the exterior looks and performance and always leave the engine at the end of the list of priorities. Anyway who looks at the engine? Well...YOU DO.


Tools and materials:

Go to your favorite hardware store and buy some aluminum strips  1 inch wide and 1mm thick, you will need about 9 feet.

Get some 3M scotchbrite pads, the same Mom uses in the kitchen. Next find some good aluminum polish such as 3M, Mothers, and Meguiars etc.

You can use a drill or rotary buffer to polish the fender plates, or can be done by hand, but it is a bit difficult this way.

Have a handsaw or dremel at hand to finish and round the corners.


How to:

This is the easy part, measure the length of the fender mount rail and cut the strip to the desired length. Mark on each strip the spots of the fender bolts, you can use a nail for this.

Drill the 3 bolt holes on each strip; make the holes a bit larger so you can adjust the location of the strips when you mount them.

Now trim the ends of each strip to the desired shape, a circle looks ok.

Remove the fender bolts and test install each strip, if ok continue with the next step.


This is the HARDEST part of all; use some 400 fine grit sandpaper to remove all the scratches, wet sanding works best and faster. Follow this with 600 then 800 grit. When the surface is smooth you have 2 choices, polish to a mirror like surface or just leave a clean aluminum look. I choose the later.

If you want the alum look just use the scotchbrite pad to finish the surface, always move it in a straight line.

If you want a mirror like look use the aluminum polish either by hand or using a drill or dremel.

Polishing takes a lot of effort so be patient.

Well that's it !


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