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Paint your gauge Cluster

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This do it yourself article describes how to repaint your guage cluster in your 94+ Mustang.


To remove the cluster: (1 hour)

1. Disconnect battery
2. Pull the headlight switch out and push the release tab at the bottom of the knob to remove it.
3. Remove the bezel retaining screws.
4. Tilt the steering wheel down and remove the bezel.
5. Remove the torx bit screws (T20 size I think, and about 8) from the gauge cluster cover, be careful not to drop them.
6. Now you have the cluster cover out, but the transparent screen is cemented to the cluster.
7. WITH A LOT OF PATIENCE, remove the Plexiglas using a cutter knife to remove the cement ALL AROUND THE cluster cover, it is a long process, take your time, if you try to force it you can break it.
8. Place the Plexiglas in a safe place, you don't want to scratch it.

PAINT TIME !!! (1 hour)

1. Mask the odometer reset knob.
2. Get the color you want, I used a very light Grey, preferably get a semi gloss paint.
3. Be very careful with the paint, apply thin coats until you get the desired result, if you apply a thick coat and the paint runs you are DOOMED. Remember it is plastic. Let it dry for another 30 min.
4. Re-attach the Plexiglas to cluster cover, use modelers cement.
6. Let the cement dry (follow cement instructions).
7. Re-install.


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