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Loosing your Modular Mustang keys

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Loosing your 98-present ignition keys can become a nightmare, in this article we tell you how to get a new set of keys from you Ford dealer and how to program a new set


As most of you know, if you own a 96+ year Mustang, your keys contain an programed chip which communicates to your computer and the car will not start unless this key is used.

What you may not know is; if you lose even one of these two keys that came with your car you cannot have a duplicate made and you must go to Ford dealer to and have two completely new keys made at a cost of up to $72 per key.

YES, you do have to have TWO new keys made, even if you lost one.

If you are on a road trip and the spare key is 100's of miles away, you are going to have to have your car towed and pay for TWO new keys. It could end up costing you $144 for the keys and who know how much for the tow.

From my experience, here is some valuable information:

1) 96-98 year Mustangs only require 1 key for duplication and it can be duplicated by a locksmith with the right electronic equipment. Even road side.

2) If your car is under warranty, Ford will pay to tow your car if you lose your keys. But only to the nearest dealer. And you have to pay for replacement of the lost key.

3) 98 to current year Mustangs require TWO keys to make a duplicate. And as mentioned above, you must take it to a dealer if you lose one or both. On the plus side, if you own a 98+ year you can get ahead of the game, you can program a third key easily yourself. All you need to do is take your current key to a dealer and buy a new key that fits your car with the chip. This costs about $20-35.


The following is the procedure for programing a THIRD key.

1) Insert an existing key and turn the ignition to ON (Run) and then back to OFF.

2) Within 5 seconds insert the 2ND existing key and turn the ignition to ON and then back to OFF.

3) Within 10 seconds insert the NEW 3rd key and turn the ignition to the ON position. Leave it ON for 1 second and then back to OFF.

4) The security light will light up for 3 seconds to indicate that the NEW key has been successfully programmed. That's it.

Now if you lose a key, you still have two keys so you can again program a 3rd new key. Without getting ripped off by the dealer.

Just a suggestion , if you take a long trip, bring an extra key and remote alarm for the car. Give it to someone else along on the trip to hold or hide it in your car. It's easier to brake into the car and get the key then to have it towed.


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