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Install a ShiftLite in your gauge cluster


This article shows you how to install a shift light in your guage cluster.


Tools needed:

  • Glue gun
  • Soldering iron
  • Screwdriver (cross-tip)

Hardware needed:

  • Autometer shift lite PN#5340
  • Thinnest gauge speaker wire you can find
  • Light emitting diode or LED (go to electronics store)
  • Resistors for diode or LED

When purchasing resistors, make sure to tell your salesman that your power source for the LED or diode is 12V, or you will blow the light! They will tell you which resistors to buy. REMEMBER: When doing this installation, NEATNESS and ACCURACY count!


  1. Remove the gauge cluster from dash
  2. Separate the instrument cover.
  3. Drill hole where you want light (small hole so speaker wires can pass through 1/8' bit)
  4. Run wires from LED or diode through hole, now using glue gun, bond the light to the instrument cover. Glue through hole for cleaner install.The light must be mounted on outside of cluster cover.
  5. Solder resistors to positive lead from LED or diode.
  6. Solder speaker wires to leads from LED or diode.
  7. Using glue gun, route the wires around gauge openings and bond wires to backside of cluster cover. Route wires to exit the side of the cluster toward the center of car.
  8. Dissemble Autometer shift lite, separating the stand from the body. Remove lens cover, unplug the light bulb. Attach another section of speaker wire to the light bulb socket in the base of shift lite. Secure connections by soldering (seal connections with glue gun also-if desired).
  9. You can either leave the plug in module attached to body of light or make extension wires and mount module plug-in anywhere you like. Just remember which wire connects to each other. Mount body of shift lite behind or under dash.
  10. Route wires from cluster cover to wires from body and connect. Make sure all connections are taped or heat shrink tubed. Plug in RPM pills and turn on ignition.



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