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Fog light switch rewire


On SN95 Mustangs the Fog lights only turn on when the headlights are ON, to fix this there are 2 possible solutions, both involve replacing the 12V positive signal lead wire in the fog light connector with another 12V positive source.


First you will have to remove the box in the center console to get access to the fog light and the convertible top harness, YES, Convertible Top, even if your SN95 is a coupe, that connector would be there.

To get the box out just remove the 2 front rubber plugs and the 2 screws under them, then lift the box out of the console.

Now reach with your hand and remove the fog light switch and convertible top switch (on converts only), on coupes you should be able to find the C.Top connector lying around in there.

Next detach the connector from the fog light switch, the connector has a RED with BLACK stripe wire, that is the 12v signal from the headlights.

On the C.Top connector the CENTER wire (there are 3) should be PURPLE with ORANGE stripe, that's the 12v signal, it should be HOT ONLY when the ignition switch is ON. This wire is a good source for the fog lights since it runs in it's own circuit and is seldom used even on convertibles.

Another way to rewire the fog lights would be to choose another + 12V source, but this can overload other circuits.

Now that we have the C.Top +12V source located its time to finish the install.

Cut the RED/BLACK wire on the fog light connector, leave 2-3 inches of wire on the connector side. Use some electrical tape to insulate the +12V signal wire (the side that goes to the headlights).

The next step is the same for convertibles and coupes tap a wire into the C.Top PURPLE/ORANGE +12V lead wire and connect it to the RED/BLACK wire in the fog light connector.

Instead of cutting the wires you could also buy a set of female spade connectors, disassemble the block connectors by removing the red cover and finish the job without having to cut any wires.

Reinstall the switches and box and you are done. Now the fog lights will turn on whenever the ignition switch is in the ON position, so there's no danger in draining your battery if you forget to turn off the fog lights.

Note: The original fog light relay is still in use with this procedure, the +12V R/B cable is the signal to the relay, so no circuits will be overloaded at all.


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