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Trans cooler install


Automatic transmissions are very susceptible to extreme temperatures, the fluid can degrade pretty fast if not cooled properly and in high performance racing applications temperatures raise a lot.

#70268 B&M SuperCooler 19,000 GVW 11" x 7-1/2" x 3/4". We installed a B&M Supercooler inside our 95GT Raptor project car. The GT has a B&M Shiftplus shift kit so the temperatures are increased a bit with the firmer shift settings.

With the cooler we expect to extend the tranny's life a bit.

In order to install you have to choose a spot where the cooler gets direct fresh air to really notice a big difference in fluid temperature. On most SN95s the preferred spot will be in front of the radiator but on our project car we choose to mount inside the fender well just behind where the fog lights are located.


Since our car has custom fog lights the B&M cooler will get plenty of air and won't obstruct the radiator.

The B&M cooler kit comes complete with 4 brackets a few bolts,nuts, hose fittings, and about 1' of heavy duty hose and clamps.

To connect the cooler you have to disconnect the tranny tube that connects to the UPPER DRIVERS side of the radiator. Next measure the length of hose you will need to connect the cooler INLET and OUTLET.

Install the cooler in place (easier with hoses attached) and route the hoses to the top of the radiator where the stock tranny pipes attach. Now unscrew the stock fitting and place one of the provided ones in the radiator side, use teflon tape to make sure there are no leaks. Now connect the hoses and tighten the supplied clamps.

With everything attached properly it is time to check the tranny fluid level, you have to get the car to operating temperature. Start the engine and place the shifter in NEUTRAL. Check fluid level and add accordingly. In GTRaptor it took almost a quart of ATF.

The complete procedure will take even a novice no more than one hour, the hardest part being the mounting of the cooler.

If you want to place the cooler in front of the radiator you will have to remove the fan shroud and fan, the AIRBAG sensors but that's about it. Its also simple just a bit more time consuming.

In the future the cooler will help GTRaptor even more as it will get a Baumman shift kit, complete with a 'R' rebuild with new clutches and bands, that plus a Bauman TCS Transmission Controler....but that's another tech story.


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