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SN95: Relocate your OD switch


I created a new OD button mount that extends the T handle to look almost like an OEM application, both mounts can be used at the same time, by either the OD button or possibly a NOS on/off switch.

This tech tip, installs a SECOND Overdrive on/off switch in a more accessible spot.

We think FORD should have provided the OD switch in the shifter handle and not in the console, where it is hard and slow to get at, and more so when you are going 120MPH. (at the track guys don't race on the street ok?)

I think the 99 models have a handle with OD button, but they are not for sale yet...so keep on reading.

For those that haven't read our tech project: "AODE shifter leather boot install" we recommend doing so, this is kind of a second part to it, but not necessarily.

For this project you would need LOTS of patience and a dremel tool or drill with various types of sanding and grinder bits, the more types you have the better (conical, sphere, circular, cylindrical).



Get to your local Radio Shack and buy a MOMENTARY PUSH BUTTON, with a rating of 10A and 12V, the smaller the better and a pair of TAP IN connectors.

The material you decide to work with is up to you, you can use wood, aluminum, steel, solid epoxy (which i used), just make sure it is easy to work with and durable.

Since i used epoxy i'm going to tell you a bit of how the hell i fabricated the OD button holders.

OPTION1 (T Handle Extension):

Remove the shifter T handle and place a bit of tape around it to prevent the Epoxy resin from sticking to the leather.

Start molding the epoxy around the left side of the shifter, make it as symmetrical as possible and make sure the button will fit.

Remember not to cover the T handle hex screw.

Let the resin dry for a couple of hours (depending on brand) then remove the new piece from the T handle.

Start sanding to make the piece as symmetrical as possible and to blend to the T handle contour.

Drill a hole from side to side of the mount almost the same diameter as the button, the wires will have to exit as close as possible to the stick.

Finish by painting the new piece Satin Black (or any color you choose) and fitting the new OD button.

You can use some 3M double sided tape or plastic cement to glue the extension to the T Handle.



OPTION2 (Stick Mount):

Option 1I started by measuring the shifter stick diameter (3/8) and button, then used a piece of balsa wood to create a mockup version of the OD button base. This model gave me a precise idea on how to make the final version.

Then i mixed the Resin and Reactive let it dry a bit and later molded it by hand to the measurements of the balsa model.

When the epoxy dry'd, i started drilling the holes to receive the button and the shifter stick, making sure the handle wouldn't interfere with the button placement.

Next i carved it using some grinding bits to make the shape completely symmetrical and smooth, this is a long process and be prepared to make mistakes, i did brake it once and had to add some epoxy to fill some spots. BTW, for my next version i will use aluminum, its also easy to work with and it wont break as easy.
BE SURE YOU TEST IT after using the bits, you don't want the shifter stick hole to be too wide, the same for the button.

Last i smoothed the surface with 400 grit sandpaper and painted the OD switch base.

The next step is to actually install "THE OD THINGY", you will have to remove the center console, shifter handle, shifter bezel and tap into the stock OD button wires.

To remove the shifter Bezel, just pull it , to remove the handle you need to loosen the allen screw on the back-left side, press the handle button and PULL it.

The console is also easy, remove the 2 screws close to the console, remove the center console box and then remove the 2 screws that bolt the console to the transmission tunnel. (piece of cake)
Now locate the OD Button wires (2), remove 3 inches of the sleeving to get access to the wires, remove 1mm of insulation from each wire.
Now run a piece of wire from the new OD switch (already fixed in the base and shifter stick) close to the location of the OD button wires. Use the TAP IN connectors to pair each wire. And make SURE the wire length is enough to permit free movement from the shifter.

START YOUR ENGINES!!! and TEST TEST TEST..see if it all works out. If OK then re-assemble.

BTW if you have installed an "AODE shifter leather boot" , please remember you have to run the wires through it.

The final result is easier access to the OD switch, but if you are not too good with tools, or think it is just a wait of time no problem !!!, you can always install a second switch somewhere in the console, a gauge pod and even THE STEERING WHEEL!! (which may be a bit more difficult actually)


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