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Caster Camber Toe settings


This settings caster, camber, & toe settings are recommended for high performance driving.


Wether you are a corner carver or just someone looking for that extra quick response from your Mustang when driving. You will notice a vast improvement in response times, while not reducing the derivability of your stang, by getting a good front-end alignment done. Make sure your tires are in good working order and use a professional alignment shop with a laser alignment machine and have them set your stang to the below settings. You will notice a vast improvement in response.

.75 degree camber (top of tire toward engine), *
MAX degrees positive caster (strut toward firewall),*
1/16 total toe OUT (front of tires away from each other).*

Article by: Dale Brown Profile | E-Mail

These recommended setting are for a Mustang with FMS M5300C Springs.

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