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ECC-Tuner Installation

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This article describes the installation of an EEC-Tuner in your Mustang.
(Installation in 1995 GTS)
When we installed our EEC-Tuner into Project GTSC one thing we noticed is when putting the EEC back inside the kick panel the serial cable / CAT-5 was getting crimped. So we modified the EEC cover for a new exit. Please note the picture below and it could save you some time down the road. We figured most could figure out how to install the EEC-Tuner since it is a pretty simple process so we just wanted to show you a few pics of ours and maybe give you a tip to save some time. Good luck with your install and visit our sections on the EEC-Tuner. Original EEC with the chip still installed.

The EEC-Tuner sitting alone on my floorboard

Tuner installed. It fits very well inside your case.

EEC-tuner fully installed with cover removed as described in directions.

Installed with cover on as described in directions.

This is a picture after we moded the cover. Simple we used a dremel and cut out a small section on the opposite end of the cover for the cable to run out of. We were having trouble mounting the EEC back in the kick panel without crimping and skinning the serial/cat-5 wire.

Oh Yea, Were would we have been without our helper. Who says having help adds 1 hour to any project? We do but contributing to the next generation of Mustang fans is a worth while time investment. :-)


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