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Heater core bypass
Article by:Dale Brown


First I wish this on NO ONE. Having a heatercore go out is not a fun thing in an SN95 since to replace it you have to remove the whole dash from the car. The part number for the 95 GT Heatercore from Ford is F4ZZ18476A and the cost as of July of 98 is $89.63. Well as I said it is July and I really don't need my heater right now, just my car. I don't care to be taking out the dash when it is averaging 100 degrees outside in the Texas heat. So I am bypassing the HC for now and will attempt that replacement at a later/cooler time. Here is a few pictures and tips on the bypass.


The fist thing to get is the right parts. I picked up this kit from "Parts America" for about $2.50 it fits from 1/4 to 3/4 heater hoses. Make sure what ever you get is made for heater hose because of the temp. the water can reach passing through the splice. When you go to the parts counter ask for a BARB SPLICE that is 5/8 to 3/4, this is the correct sizes of the hoses on your car.

Ok now for the location of the two hoses you need to splice together. They exit the firewall on the passenger side of the car. They are very close together as you can see from this picture. You will need to get some vice grips (I prefer) or some good pliers to move the clamps off the end of the hose. Then just wiggle the hoses back and forth while pulling on them to get them off.

Once you get the hoses pulled off the heatercore then you can see the different diameters of them. Check for any cracks or tears in the ends before placing the splice in between them.

Ok now the easy part. Here is a picture of the splice (Barb Splice) it self, not much to it huh. Make sure first you place the clamps that come with the splice on each hose THEN put the splice into each end of the hose.

Here is what the install looks like when finished. Simple and quick (10 Minutes) job that will save you at the track or on the side of the road one day. It is VERY wise to go spend the $2.50 for the part and keep on along with a pair of pliers and screwdriver in your car. If you are like me you keep a toolbox in the trunk anyway for just such emergencies. I do have to tell on my self I did not have a splice when this happened to me, but I did make it the last 10 miles home.

Here are the two holes/post left over from the Heatercore after the hoses are removed. You can just leave them like this until you replace it. Hope this has helped and also hope you never have to do it yourself, but most likely if you are looking at this you are about to do it.. :-(


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