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Griffin Radiator Install
Article by:Dale Brown


First lets cover the parts you will need to do this install.

Griffin Radiator Part # 7-294BC-FXX, Stant Thermostat Part # 13358 s 335 180, and gasket. A couple of the tools required is socket set, regular and phillips screwdriver, channel locks or wide mouth pliers (to remove hose clamps with), Jack and Jack Stands.


1. Drain the radiator system. (The drain spout is located on lower passenger side of radiator)
CAUTION: Make sure engine is cool so water will not be HOT.

2. Remove plastic cover over radiator. (The one with Mustang written on it and the stickers) This is done by using the Phillips screwdriver and removing the plastic screws. Once they are out then pop out the locking rings they were holding in and the piece will just lift off.

3.Disconnect the wiring harness from the FAN and overflow bottle. Then use small socket to loosen the large plug attached to overflow bottle brace and move wiring to the side.

4. Remove the two bolts holding the overflow bottle to the frame. Take the hose connecting the overflow bottle loose from the radiator cap area. Pull the bottle with bracket still attached out of the car and set to the side.

5. Next disconnect all the hoses from the radiator. Use the channel locks or players to squeeze the clips together and slide them onto the hoses farther down until you can pull the hoses off. CAUTION HOT water could pour out of these hoses.

6. Now use socket again to take out two screws on each side of fan. Lift the fan from its holding place and set aside.

7. Now for the radiator. There are 3 bolts holding the radiator in place. See the pictures for the location of the bolts to remove. Once you have removed these bolts then take the two holders out and the radiator will lift out of the bottom slots and slide out. I removed the radiator from the bottom of the car because I did not want to take the chance of damaging the AC line that runs directly above the radiator location. It was very easy with the car Jacked up and on jack stands.

8. Now remove the hoses from the thermostat housing and remove the two bolts holding the housing to the upper intake. Once this is done CLEAN the housing and the intake VERY well. I use a screwdriver to scratch most of the old gasket and sealer off then use sand paper to remove all the small particles so both ends are brand new looking.

9. Next place the thermostat on the housing the spring/pellet side goes towards the intake. Use a little gasket seal to help hold it in place while you are moving it. Next put the gasket on AFTER the thermo so as the gasket will be touching the intake when installed. I again use some gasket seal to hold it all in place and make sure no leaks will occurs. Do NOT over seal use just enough to make the connection while as to not have squeeze out into the thermo or intake. Now replace the thermo housing and the bolts. Tightening them together so as to not cause the thermo to squeeze to one side and you should have a nice snug fit.

10. Next is the NEW radiator. This radiator is much larger than the stock one so you will need to be careful so as to not bend any fins while installing it. Again I installed mine from the bottom with someone on top helping me guide it in without damaging it. You will lift it up in the car and set the two bottom prongs into the lower rubber grommets at the bottom of the car. Make sure that the old rubber around the stock radiator is not now obstructing the front of the new radiator. You might have to move them to the outside as I did with the top one so I could get a nice tight fit.

11. Once installed the follow the check list backwards and everything will be just fine. Now a note make sure you check your Antifreeze and it is for Aluminum Radiators if not go and get some. The mixture recommended for these cars is 20% Antifreeze / 80% Water / and some water wetter from Redline. It is always a good idea to keep a gallon or so of water in your trunk for a few days so if the car finds a air bubble you will have some spare onhand to pour in. That is it for the install and hope you enjoy your new Griffin as much as I am.

Ok here are just a few pictures taken while doing the install .. Hope you like them and let me know if you have any questions I can answer for you.

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