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1964-1973 Classic Mustang VIN Decoder


AFM's 1964-1973 Classic Mustang VIN Decoder can help you decipher critical information about your Mustang. Simply type in your vehicle's VIN number which is usually located in the top left of your Mustang's windshield. Once you enter your VIN number, press the "Decode Now" button and your vehicle's VIN Code information will then appear in the appropiate fields below.

AFM 1964-1973 Classic Mustang VIN Decoder:

Enter your VIN Number:      
VIN Code Results
Manufacturer :
Nation of Origin :
Make and Type :
Make :
Year Produced :
Assembly Plant :
Body Code :
Engine Type :
Production Number :
Saftey Restraints :
Check Digit :

Note: Last Six Digits of your VIN number represent the production number of your car at the plant your car was produced at, starting at 100001.

Decoder Custom written for AFM by: Anthony "OZPony" Rees & John "Twister" Bremner

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