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A Starter Guide to Induction Systems

Once you start looking for a new filter, you are going to quickly get introduced to a huge number of intake setups that claim to enhance the induction system. They all revolve around the filter, so we have put together answers to some very popular questions and we try to give you some solid advice to help you make the right choice. See also Gain 15hp with a K&N Air Filter?

Do I need to get a larger size K&N filter to help make more power? No, your stock air box less the air snorkel/silencer (see Free Horsepower) with a K&N filter is good for up to 350hp.

Should I get a Filter Performance Kit that eliminates the stock filter box and locates the filter in the engine compartment? NO!!!!!! Do not use a kit like this for street. You will lose power, guaranteed! I know that it looks really cool, but dont do it. Any kit that locates the filter in the engine bay will pull hot air and kill performance. You want cold air more than almost anything else. Yes you will see these on some really fast mustangs that race, but these cars do not create heat in the engine compartment like streetcars.

Can I use a filter setup that eliminates the stock filter box and locates the filter in the inner fender well? Yes! These kits work great. It pulls cool air from outside the engine compartment. Although the filters that come with these kits are larger then a factory filter, it wont hurt performance. In fact you can make one yourself and we will be doing an article in the near future.

Which is the best filter induction setup I can use? Depending on how much money you want to spend and how powerful a motor you have to feed, I would recommend the following:

1. Stock air box with snorkel/silencer removed and K&N filter (5-7hp over stock), $50
2. Stock air box with homemade cold air intake and K&N filter (8-10hp over stock), $60
3. Inn Fender mounted K&N/equal filter, (8-10hp over stock), $60 homemade, $130 kit
4. Stock air box with homemade ram air intake and K&N filter (8-12hp over stock), $75
5. Ram air kit and K&N/equal filter (8-12 over stock), $140 kit

As you can see, the best bang for the buck is the stock air box with a homemade cold air intake and a K&N filter for $60. Its good up to 350 horsepower and no matter what any advertisement tells you, it works just as good as any after-market induction kit. At high speed the ram air setup may gain an extra hp or two, but most ram air setups have the inlet near the ground and have a tendency to pick up leaves, paper, and possibly water. This is a major drawback.

Many Mustang enthusiasts spend too much time and money trying to make improvements with all kinds of wild setups. My advice is simple, go with our recommendation and be done with it. Spend your money and time on more restrictive areas in the induction system, such as the Throttle Body and the Mass Air Flow Sensor (MAF).

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