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Hurst Billet Plus Shifter install

Article by: Lee50Guru


One of the areas the Ford engineers overlooked in the design of the Mustang was the shifter. Yes, it does have one, but how many times has the typical stang owner missed a shift due to the stock shifters' inadequacies? Odds are it's a number higher than 1 and to me at least, that's unacceptable. Enter Hurst.

For the last 40 years, Hurst has been waging war on sloppy shifters. Their newest weapon is the Billet/Plus series of shifters. These shifters are available for almost any year Mustang. This details installation in a 1990 5.0L, but is nearly identical in other years/engines.


Before getting started here's what you'll need :

1. A tube of silicon sealer
2. A good 3/8" drive ratchet and sockets
3. Combination wrench set
4. Gasket scraper
5. Allen wrench set


First thing to do is to pull off the plastic cover around the shifter. Next, unscrew the shifter ball and remove the shift boot. Next remove the bolts holding the dust cover down and remove it. You should now see the 4 bolts that hold the shifter in place. Remove these, keeping in mind that your transmission is now open and anything you drop in it may be lost forever (The holes are small inside, just watch out for dirt falling in, and old silicon).

Once these 4 bolts are out, remove the shifter and scrape the old silicon off of the top of the tranny. Lay a small bead of new silicon around the top of the tranny and bolt the new shifter down with the supplies hardware. There are 2 positive stops ( one on the front of the shifter, one on the back ). Tighten these so that with the shifter in gear they just make contact, then back them off 1/2 turn. This allows the shifter to fully engage the gears of the tranny, but keeps the stop close enough to prevent any damage from hard shifts.

Place the rubber boot over the shifter. Make sure it completely seals the bottom of the shifter turret, and close it off with the supplies tie-wrap. Reinstall the dust cover (some cutting or trimming may be necessary, depending on the car), the shift boot, and the top cover plate. Lastly, screw the handle on and go for a spin!

If you feel that the handle feels too stiff for your driving tastes, the spring tension is easily adjustable, but I liked the stiff feel and left it well enough alone.

I noticed that compared to the previous generation Hurst shifter, the Billet/Plus is quieter, but otherwise like it's predecessor, a world of difference from the stock shifter. Missed shifts are a thing of the past now. The new feel while driving is confidence knowing that the next shift thrown will be a good one.


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