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AODE leather shifter boot install SN95
Don't you hate the look of the automatic shifter? then change it !
Auto detailing ALL
Learn how the Pro's get that shine.
DIY Aluminum inner fender sill plates ALL
Great home project to detail your engine bay.
DIY Fox Quarter Window Replacement
Itís a question many (dare we say, most?) Fox-body owners end up facing at some point. Sure, you may have tried everything from shoe polish to paint, and perhaps even those stick-on cover-up strips, to take the gnarly out of the quarter-window molding, but unfortunately nothing seems to really work, does it?
DIY Paint Refurbishing Tech ALL
When the paint finish on your mustang reached crisis mode? perhaps itís showing the effects of too many years of neglect, or has simply lost its luster. if you donít have two big ones to spend on a cherry paint job, and donít want to take it to a generic spray shop, it may be time to consider refurbishing the existing paint.
Fox Headliner Replacement FOX
When your fox mustang gets along in years, one of the early things to go is the headliner. Most of us are familiar enough with the mechanical aspects of our mustang, but less so with interior components such as the roof liner. When it comes time to replace it we could all use a few pointers in how best to proceed.
Home made alternatives to clean your car ALL
Try these non-toxic or less-toxic products as alternatives to some chemicals you might not have at hand at a moment of need.
Paint your gauge Cluster SN95
If you own a SN95 this is for you.
Painting your Mustang SN95
Give your ride a new look, and how to save some money.
Replace your Fox Mustang Sunroof Weatherstripping
Thereís no mistaking that when it comes to factory options, mustangs produced with sunroofs are definitely not mainstream. for those who are fortunate enough to own a fox mustang with a sunroof, weatherstripping replacement is, sooner or later, a necessity.
Water temp & oil gauge install FOX SN95
Keep your engine's vital signs on watch

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