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Home: Mustang Tech: Engine
5.0 Head-cam-intake Swap FOX SN95
5.0 Head-Cam-Intake swap, all in one comprehensive article!
94-98 3.8 torque Specs
Comprehensive guide to torque specifications 3.8L engine
94-98 4.6 torque Specs
Comprehensive guide to torque specifications 4.6L engine
94-98 5.0 torque Specs
Comprehensive guide to torque specifications 5.0L engine
Ford Head Information Center
Valve sizes, flow numbers and comparison chats for all the popular 5.0, 351, 4.6 and 2.3 engines!
Installing a Short Belt to reduce engine drag SN95
This is a nice mod that will free a few HP from your SN95 5.0.
Proper Head Gasket Installation/Orientation ALL  pop
How to properly orient your head gaskets so as to not cause overheating by covering up the wrong water outlets.
Smog System Removal SN95
This is a How To article to remove the smog system from a 94-95 SN95 5.0 HO Mustang GT and installing a delete pulley kit in its place.
Stroker combinations for Ford Small Blocks
You can create your own stroker with this combination of parts.

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