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AODE to T5 Swap FOX
Detailed instructions on how to perform an AODE to 5 speed swap.
Borg Warner T5 5 speed Service Manual
The complete T5 WC and non-WC service manual in PDF format. 4MB download.
Borg Warner T5 Transmission data
Full T5 transmission types available through the years.
Clutch trouble diagnosis ALL
The following information is provided to assist you in recognition of the problem based on your clutch symptoms, correct diagnostics eliminates solving problems that you may or may not have.
How to identify a T5 5 Speed
Research where that T5 came from.
Hurst Billet Plus Shifter install
One of the areas the Ford engineers overlooked in the design of the Mustang was the shifter. Yes, it does have one, but how many times has the typical 'stang owner missed a shift due to the stock shifters' inadequacies?
PRO 5.0 Shifter Install
Don't miss a shift with this modification !
SN95: AODE to Tremec swap
A stick with more potential.
SN95: Relocate your OD switch
Keep the OD switch close to your fingers.
Swap to stronger rear Axles
Axles bent or weak? switch to new and stronger axles.
Trans cooler install
Keep your AOD(e) from harm with this fast home install.
Tremec 3550/TKO 5 Speed Service Manual
The complete 3550/TKO service manual in PDF Format. 2.5mb download.
Tremec T-56 Service Manual (PDF) ALL
Trememc T-56 Service Manual in PDF format (1.6mb download)
Wheel vs. Tire width selection chart
Each tire has a specific rim width range on which the tire can be mounted. Failure to follow rim width recommendations may result in poor tire performance or possible wheel and/or tire failure.

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