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  1965 Ford Mustang Converted to All Electric Eco-Classic

  Mar 2, 2009
  By:  All Ford Mustang News


Whatís going on with the Mustang? Our last post was about a new Ford Mustang gone electric. Now it appears that a Colorado restorer has converted a classic 1965 Mustang to run solely on electric.

A restoration shop called Duke's Garage, took a big old beautiful and classic V8 gas guzzler, removed the engine and substituted it with 12 silent battery packs that power the car.

The ground up restoration is the first time a classic Mustang has been converted to electric power. The exterior looks like a 1965 Mustang except for the replacement of the gas cap with an electric outlet plug.

There is now an outlet plug under the original gas cap.

Duke's Garage says the Mustang is just a prototype with no buyer, but down the line the hope is to convert a classic to an eco-classic for around $15,000 to $25,000.

And if you think Dukeís Garage is only picking on the beloved Mustang think again. They are already working on the next all-electric classic, a 1979 Volkswagen Beetle.


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