2007 Mustang
2007 Lengend Mustang Delivers Retro Styling with Cutting Edge Performance
By Total Performance Cars
Jul 4, 2006 - 9:46:00 PM


Temple Performance Cars builds high performance cars for the street or track. Because we manufacture our Legend body package in house we are able to create an affordable car for the masses. The Legend Mustangs are available in Series 1 (Supercharged) or Series 2 (Naturally aspirated) cars and both come with their own serial number and body identification tag.

All Legend Mustangs incorporate the Legend Body package, Carroll Shelby Wheels with BFG Tires, Performance Springs, Exhaust modifications, Billet Interior Accents and Painted Dual Stripes.  Supercharged engine packages are standard on our Series 1 cars and customers can choose from 425hp or 500hp with the 425hp version carrying a full warranty.

The Legend Body Kit or individual parts are also available separately. Legend Mustang parts are hand crafted of fiberglass with a sandable primer and use existing factory attachment points. The Legend Mustang Chin Spoiler comes in textured black finish - ready to install.

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