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  2008 Ford Mustang Contributes to Low Impact Environment Practices

  Jan 25, 2008
  By:  All Ford Mustangs News Desk

Living Green and being environmentally correct are not just buzz words in our society today. It is all a part of saving the earth and our resources and Ford Motors has joined the fight to save the planet by introducing environmentally friendly interiors in the 2008 Ford Mustang, the Expedition Sport and the F150.

There is more than one approach to sustainable living. Producing and driving hybrids is a major part of the concept in terms of saving fuel and reducing air pollution. As a way of furthering the effort to practice sustainable living, Ford Motors introduced its first environmentally friendly seat interiors made from soy foam at the North American Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan. The automaker reports a major energy savings in producing the alternative interior soy foam. Also reported was the reduction in carbon emissions making this enhancement a plus for environmentally conscious consumers.

From vehicles made from polyester waste and recycled plastic bottles such as the Lincoln MKT to gas saving hybrids such as the Toyota Prius consumers have a choice. Mercedes-Benz advertises their use of recycled materials as an effort toward low impact environmental production. Honda on the other hand uses natural products for interiors and hydrogen fuel cell-powered vehicle.


The importance of creating an awareness of living environmentally friendly is more prevalent than ever in a society with soaring fuel prices and high pollution levels. For most consumers the fuel savings is a great selling point, however driving a vehicle with environmentally friendly interior is equally important in terms of sustainable living.

Consumers today are more aware of the importance of living Green. Driving vehicles which are environmentally low impact is important according to a spokesperson for the Ann Arbor based Ecology Center who spearheads an auto project campaign with a focus on living Green. By using environmentally friendly materials, the effort to live Green has even more impact on the earth and offers an alternative to those aware of the importance of sustainable living. At the same time promoting the enhancements in the auto industry is an opportunity to educate consumers not so environmentally astute.

Whether driving a Toyota Prius or a Ford Mustang or other environmentally low impact vehicle, the choice of the consumer to spend hard earned dollars towards an environmentally friendly vehicle is an important one. Auto Shows such as the North American International Auto Show provide the perfect venue to educate as well as to advertise the importance of sustainable living. This awareness makes for a well informed consumer purchase which in the long run saves money and the earth.


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