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  2011 Mustang GT Shelby GT350 Makeover

  Apr 21, 2010
  By:  All Ford Mustangs News Desk

Shelby American is prepping the shop floors for its first shipment of 2011 Ford Mustang GTs, cars that will take on the iconic appearance and name of Shelby GT350. The work will take place at the Shelby American subsidiary in Las Vegas. At the same time, the company continues to expand its Shelby Performance Parts division with products for the 2005-2011 Ford Mustang, GT500 and Shelby GT.


"I still show up 50 years later, guiding and directing this great Shelby American team in Las Vegas that you've grown to know and trust," Carroll Shelby, founder of Shelby American, said in a company release. "I've brought in John Luft, who has been president of Shelby Licensing for the past decade. He will be responsible for leveraging these companies in support of the one Shelby brand."

The standard GT350 package adds $33,995 to the base price of the Mustang GT. For that cash, you get a Shelby Ford Racing Whipple Supercharger, racing suspension with a caster/camber plate, upgraded and duct-cooled brakes and Cragar 19-inch wheels wrapped in Goodyear tires.

The makeover also includes body modifications front, back and sides, Guardsman Blue vinyl stripes, a reworked interior and enough Shelby badges to make sure your Mustang’s pedigree is never mistaken.

Staying busy over the past six months, Carroll Shelby International has introduced Shelby Nation, distributed a new merchandising catalog and built a parts business.

"We've retooled our production lines in Las Vegas to focus on the new GT350 and the Super Snake, beefed up our Shelby Performance Parts business and looked for ways to integrate all the units in a more cohesive way," Luft said in the same release. "Now that Ford is beginning to turn out the 2011 Mustang GT and GT500, we can't wait to start putting our latest cars on the road. The future is bright at Shelby American."

CFO Keith Belair, vice presidents Gary Davis, Gary Patterson and Jim Owens will continue at Shelby American. As well as growing the car business, they will also be responsible for building the newly integrated Shelby Performance Parts company.

In addition, a chassis dyno was recently installed at the new "Shelby American Motorsports Speed Shop" at the Las Vegas location. The shop is now open for Shelby performance tuning.

For inquiries about the Shelby GT350, GT500 Super Snake, performance parts program or new speed shop, call (702) 942-7325.

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