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  2013 Mustang Customizer Offered as Downloadable App

  Aug 21, 2012


By Huw Evans

There's no question, that since it was launched back in June, Ford's online 2013 Mustang Customizer has proved a hit. According to the Blue Oval's digital marketing manager, Brian McClary, over 120,000 people have registered on the site and have created more than 450,000 individual "fantasy" Mustangs. Now, Ford is hoping that its popularity will continue to grow, by offering it as a downloadable app for the iPad, iPhone iPod Touch as well as Android powered smartphones and tablets.

Once a registered site member has finished adding their signature touches to their favorite virtual Mustang, they can save the car and have it entered automatically into the Customizer's battle mode, where other site users can vote on their favorite Mustangs. Users are able to earn points and up to 70 different badges for each virtual Mustang build and can take part in battles against each other on the site or pitch individual challenges against their own Facebook friends.

A new feature, specific to the downloadable app version of the 2013 Customizer is the drift challenge. With this, players are able to select any one of the custom Mustangs in their virtual garage and race it around one of nine different tracks in an effort to beat course times set by their friends.

Images of custom Mustangs can also be saved as wallpapers or shared on Facebook, plus site users can also select their favorite custom Ford pony car design and enter into a contest; with the chance of winning one of four dream Mustangs rendered in steel.

When the original Customizer app was launched in 2011, it was downloaded more than 250,000 times following its release. Today, given the growth in smartphone and tablet technology and continued proliferation of users, it is likely this latest version will surpass that by a country mile. The 2013 Customizer app is available for download in the Apple TM App Store for iPads, iPhones and iPod Touches and the Google Play Store for Android powered devices.


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