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  5.0 Mustang Magazine and AmericanMuscle Crown King Of The Street

  Oct 10, 2010
  By:  All Ford Mustangs news desk

If you're looking for bragging rights, having someone slap you with a "King of the Street" title works pretty good. That's something 5.0 Mustang editors Steve Turner, Mike Johnson, and KJ Jones and the power-mad folks at AmericanMuscle set out to do Friday at Bowling Green, KY. There was serious Mustang muscle on hand -- more than 7,000 horsepower worth -- and six catagories of competition used to crown the king: Ride & Drive, Horsepower, Fit & Finish, Engineering, Drag Race and, of course, Popular Vote. Here's how it played out.


7000HP+ from the Baddest Mustangs on the Street -- w/ the Video to Prove It

5.0 Magazine and AmericanMuscle.com's King of the Street 2010

Malvern, PA, Friday, 10/08/2010: Every year the fastest and meanest street-able Mustangs in the country head to Bowling Green, KY for the King of the Street competition. 8-Second Mustang's and 7000 horsepower, how could we miss that? AmericanMuscle joined 5.0 Mustang editors Steve Turner, Mike Johnson, and KJ Jones to determine who really is the King of the Street. The competition consists of 6 judged categories: Ride & Drive, Horsepower, Fit & Finish, Engineering, Drag Race and Popular Vote.

The Dyno Competition - 10/1/2010
All 9 contestants would face-off in a dyno competition to see who has the biggest horsepower output. While this is only one category of many, the horsepower competition also serves as bragging rights for a whole year! These cars put down some serious horsepower. Results from this competition were as high as 1139 Horsepower! Check out the video:

The Rest of the Events -- 9/30/2010 (Track was 10/1/2010)
The judging would commence just outside Beech Bend Raceway, where Mike Johnson and Steve Turner (of 5.0 Mustangs and Super Fords) would go over each car with a fine-tooth comb. Once each car was judged and photographed, it was on to the Ride and Drive test.


Ride & Drive
Mike Johnson and the vehicles owner would take a cruise through the streets of Bowling Green, KY in the vehicle to see just how street-able each vehicle was. If your car had 1000 horsepower with air condition, power steering and smooth-shifting transmission -- points were awarded.

Check out AmericanMuscle's blog for more coverage.

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