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  Aston Martin Vanquish Modeled on a Ford Mustang?

  Jan 14, 2008
  By:  All Ford Mustangs News Desk

A Canadian car company is hoping to put the popular Aston Martin Vanquish model in the hands of every day folks. To accomplish this, they apparently have modeled their version on a Ford Mustang. Currently, they are using Mustangs from 2000 to 2003 as their basis for these cars.

34 different pieces are added onto the Ford body, giving people the look of the luxury car made famous in the latest Bond movie. After the exterior is completed, the car is then completely redone on the inside to make it look like the fabled classic.

A spokesman for Exclusive Motors, the company behind this model stated, “We wanted to start with a great donor car, a car that would help us keep our prices down. We needed a car that would lend itself to its new styling, and one which was part of the Aston Martin family.”

For the engine, you can forget about the standard Aston Martin V12. Instead, Exclusive Motors is relying the 5.4 liter V8 Mustang engine that produces around 300hp. This helps keep the overall prices down and in the end will produce better gas mileage for the vehicle.

The spokesman also noted that, “The Ford Mustang enabled us to create a car which had very low and inexpensive maintenance and low insurance costs. Our car, five years from now, will still hold most of its current value.”

A lot of work is going into these models. Ten companies have been contracted to produce the Aston Martin Vanquish replicas. First, the appropriate Ford Mustangs have to be sourced and acquired. Then, the process of adding the body parts begins and everything is finished off with the interior work. A new paint job is the last thing these special cars get before heading to their new homes.

No one is really sure about the pricing for these models. A good used Ford Mustang from these years typically costs in the $12 to $18,000 range, but with the extra work that goes into creating the replicas, expect to pay a lot more. However, at the end of the day, the prices will still be a lot lower than the original Vanquish, which can cost as much as $250,000 brand new.

Aston Martin purists may actually be better off purchasing a used Vanquish, since these typically are priced at around $60,000 to $80,000. Overall however, it’s a neat idea, especially for those who could never dream about laying down that much change for an Aston Martin.


Ford Mustang lovers may also appreciate the chance to get the benefit of the powerful Ford engine with a sweet Aston Martin appearance. If you do get a chance to spot one of these replicas, you will be quite lucky. They are flying like hotcakes out of Exclusive Motor’s plant. If you can get your hands on one, at least you know you’ll be saving on insurance and gas, even if it isn’t quite the Vanquish you always wanted.


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