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ProCharger Unveils 2011 5.0 Mustang Tuner Kits and Intercooled Stage II Systems At SEMA
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Well into its second decade, ProCharger has built a reputation on its strong power-adders and exceptional service. Any Mustang owner knows if it’s a supercharger you’re looking for, you can’t overlook the Kansas-based company or any of its U.S.-wide dealers. Not satisfied with resting on its laurels, ProCharger chose the biggest car show in the land, SEMA, to unveil its latest creation, Intercooled Stage II Systems and Tuner Kits for the 2011 5.0 Mustangs.

Nov 2, 2010

BBK Offers Full Length Headers For 2011 Ford Mustang GT
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We all know the benefits of headers. The improved flow of exhaust that larger, specially tuned pipes offer almost always translates into more horses. That’s what the research and development team at BBK have been pursuing for the 2011 Ford Mustang line. Looks like they’ve caught it.

Sep 12, 2010

BORLA Releases New Ford Mustang ATAK Exhaust Systems
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BORLA is now shipping their all new Ford Mustang ATAK TM Cat-Back and Rear Section exhaust systems with more in development. Like all BORLA ® exhaust products, each system is handmade in the USA by master craftspeople and features premium 300-Series high-quality austenitic stainless steel construction, ultra-smooth mandrel bent piping, mirror-polished tips, and a Million-Mile Warranty.

Sep 5, 2010

American Powertrain Unveils New Ratios For TR-3650 Transmission
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American Powertrain is set to unleash a rebuild of the venerable TR-3650 5-speed transmission that closes up the gearing and opens up a world of power possibilities. The Tremec transmission is standard equipment on Mustang GTs from 2005, and is a direct swap for the more common T45. If you’re looking for a little extra stir in your stick, this might be right up your alley.

Aug 17, 2010

2011 Mustang GT BBK Headers And Cat Back From Brothers Performance
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As good as the new Mustang GT 5.0-liter engine is, there is always room for improvement. The research and development team at BBK has opened one door with the company’s new 1-3/4” direct replacement tuned length headers and replacement after-cat high flow 2-3/4” X pipe.

Aug 17, 2010

New Roush Exhaust Kit Adds Rumble and Bark to Your 2011 5.0L Mustang Bite
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The Roush Performance Group is throttling full speed ahead with new products for Ford's new 2011 Mustang. The group recently announced a full catalog of Mustang performance and cosmetic enhancements for the new pony, and at the top of the list is a sweet sounding stainless exhaust for the 5.0L modular V8.

Aug 10, 2010

Win A 5.0L Crate Motor From Latemodel Restoration Supply
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There are contests, and then there are contests. Latemodel Restoration Supply has teamed up with Ford Racing to put a 2011 5.0L crate motor up for grabs, and the best part is, all you have to do is sign up.

Aug 9, 2010

Superformance Brings Italian Beauty To Hillbank Motor Corp. With Perana Z-One
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No matter what your favorite vehicle is, you have to admit nothing gives off the glow of speed, power and sex appeal like an Italian-bodied car. Those Mediterranean designers can channel curves and capture road-hugging action like no one else. The Perana Performance Group wanted a piece of that action, and commissioned Zagato Design to create the Z-One for markets in Europe and the United Arab Emirates. But a chorus of demand coming from North America has been heard, and Hillbank Motor Corp. will act as USA Superformance dealer for the new coupe.

Aug 6, 2010

ProCharger Working On Supercharger System For 2011 Mustang 5.0
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Oh yeah, now you’re talking. While everyone gushes about the new 5.0, its great power (412 horsepower) and economy (26 mpg highway), the mad scientists at Procharger are creating a monster -- a brand new supercharger system for the spanking new aluminum V-8.

Jul 24, 2010

American Muscle Gives 2011 Mustang GT High-Horse Workout
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It sounds like the gearheads at AmericanMuscle were tickled pink when they got their hands on the 2011 Mustang GT. But as much as they loved their new car, they just had to give it a little personal touch, via the Bama Custom Tuning Team and a couple of prototype parts. The result? Gains of more than 25 horsepower and 30 foot-pounds of torque at the rear wheels.

Jul 12, 2010


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