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1966 Sonny and Cher Mustangs go on the Block
By All Ford Mustangs News
Jan 30, 2009 - 5:28:00 PM

Two 1966 Ford Mustangs that were customized for Sonny and Cher will be sold at auction next week.

The Sonny car has a Murano gold pearl exterior color, dark brown side panels and an orange-and-gold "fadeaway" color treatment on the wheel wells and grille. The Cher car is a hot pink pearl and candy-red blend with deep red side panels. Each car also features the owner's name painted on the side.

But the cars really come alive inside. Sonny's Mustang features bobcat fur, buffed leather and a "rustic suede" trim while Cher's is covered in white ermine, hot pink suede and "Scottish leather" upholstery. Both cars also feature 3-inch-long carpet, gold in Sonny's and pink in Cher's.

They will be sold for the first time in 25 years at the RM Auctions event in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., that begins Thursday.

The cars are estimated at being worth between $200,000 and $300,000 for the pair.

Legendary customizer George Barris was commissioned by Ford to dress up the "his and hers" Mustangs for Sonny and Cher. They were used for publicity and appeared in the 1967 film "Good Times," the duo's only full-length movie together.

The cars won't be the only taste of Hollywood to appear at the Fort Lauderdale show.

The show will also feature several versions of the Batmobile, one of the "General Lee" Dodge Chargers from the "Dukes of Hazard" movie and the jet black 1980 Lamborghini LP400S "Cannonball Run" Countach., Copyright 2002-2010 All Auto Enthusiasts Network