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  Drift King Gittin Designs Classic Mustang For SEMA

  May 31, 2010
  By:  All Ford Mustangs News Desk

Formula Drift champion Vaughn Gittin Jr. is taking his design skills to SEMA, and to gaming consoles everywhere. Fresh from the success of his RTR 2010 Mustangs, Gittin is working his magic on a 1969 Mustang. The RTR-X will be unveiled at SEMA 2010, and feature in upcoming “Need for Speed” video games. “I have now taken the RTR brand full-circle back to 1969 - turning a ‘69 Mustang into a radical street\drift-styled machine to debut at SEMA 2010,” he says in his Speedhunters.com post where, apparently, he’ll be blogging right through the process.


This car will be built for go as well as show, and Gittin plans on taking the wheel on tracks and on film as soon as it’s finished. “The conversations for this project started at SEMA 2009 when I was chatting with the Speedhunters crew while looking over the RTR-C and RTR,” Gittin writes. “It was decided that for 2010 they wanted to build a unique, functional, street-drift-machine as a part of Team Need for Speed, and I was simply flattered when it was decided that they wanted me and my RTR brand to head the build.”

Initial ideas for another modern pony were dropped for the classic look. “I have always wanted to build a ‘69 Mustang for the street,” Gittin says. Who hasn’t, really? Working with EA Games and designer Andy Blackmore, Gittin started with what he knows to modify the Dynacorn 1969 Ford Mustang fastback body. “The inspiration for the RTR-X has come from a mixture of things I have grown to love from custom Japanese nostalgic car styling.”


That means a serious spoiler, bulging fenders and a wing out back. With the skin taken care of, they moved to the muscle.

A very trick custom front subframe and rear suspension layout will give the team the stance they’re looking for. And they’ll look under the hood of the 2011 GT for motivation. “I decided to go with the brand new Ford 5.0 liter V-8 that comes in the new 2011 Ford Mustang GT,” Gittin writes. “Over 400 hp stock and capable of over 7000 RPM coupled with Kinsler individual throttle body injection and the brand new Ford Racing Boss 302 R1 six-speed transmission, seems like a good recipe for fun and incredible sounds!”

There will be 18-inch wheels wrapped in Falken RT615-K’s, of course, and a classically modern interior — up front, at least. “On to the interior, I wanted to take it back to the late ‘60s, early ‘70's, and add a splash of modern times. Like my first real street drift car, I decided to have a full interior up front and everything behind the seats raw and unupholstered.”


The whole package will be put together by Twins Turbo. Gittin is looking forward to the finished product, and so are we.


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