Current Mustangs More Track-Friendly Thanks To Eibach Trailing Arms
By Nick Dasko
Nov 22, 2012 - 4:02:31 PM

By Nick Dasko

If you have a 2005 or newer Mustang that you track-race, or just tune the suspension on, you know the stock, rear-trailing arms are not adjustable. The good folks at Eibach have just the part for you.

Made of 6061 aluminum, these parts are lighter, and more resistant to heat than the stock units. They are fully adjustable, allowing for drivers to change the angles of the thrust, tracking and pinion.

We really hope this encourages more people to track their mustangs. When we see Mustangs on lowered suspension, or sporting lightweight wheels, we always ask if the car sees the track. If it doesn't then well, we beg them to take it out, for the sake of the car!

But if we see a Mustang sporting these black and red parts under the axle, we likely won't even need to ask.

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