Ford Possibly Working on 2014.5 Mustang For 50th Anniversary
By Nick Dasko
Dec 17, 2012 - 5:29:07 PM

By Nick Dasko

The Ford Mustang has enjoyed uninterrupted production since its debut as 1964 1/2 model. So it makes perfect sense that a Ford Social Media representative would post on a Mustang forum site about the coming of a 2014 1/2 model.

The rep says "The 2014 ˝ will be the 50th Anniversary edition. It will be added to production for a limited run sometime during the year." Now as a limited edition this makes it seem that it could either be the swan-song for the current model Mustang or the debut of the brand-new, global car.

The Ford representative also says that "2014MY order banks are open now...they won’t build until the middle of first quarter 2013." This puts 2014 Mustangs on dealer lots by spring of 2013. This leaves plenty of time for second model year in that same calendar-year for the 2014.5 models.

Now here is where there is some debate around the office. If the 2014.5 is the all-new model, it will be extra-expensive because the development costs are often tied into the first couple of years of sales and doubly so as it is a limited-edition. Also being limited-edition on a brand-new car it would likely be little more than a stickers and stripes package.

If on the other-hand, it is the final run of the current cars it would be very well made as all the teething issues would be long gone. Something that is never true of cars in their first year of production. This would also mean it will likely hold its value moderately well as it is the last of the beam-axle Mustangs. If that is the 2014.5 Mustang, we want one!, Copyright 2002-2010 All Auto Enthusiasts Network